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Over 81 million people have been exposed to ASA’s Plastic Pollution Purge Program. Never before have we had exposure on this scale. This is truly big! Huge even! Local news stations in the following cities have all produced pieces on the Plastic Pollution Purge Program, each one featuring an on-air local ASA Affiliate representative.

Augusta, GA | Boston, MA | Brunswick, GA | Charleston, SC | Charlotte, NC | Chicago, IL | Columbia, SC | Danbury, CT | Denver, CO | Detroit, MI | Naples/Ft. Myers, FL | Helena, MT | Jackson, MS | Jacksonville, FL | Little Rock, AR | Los Angeles, CA | Macon, GA | Milwaukee, WI | New York City, NY | Norwalk, CT | Phoenix, AZ | Reno, NV | Sacramento, CA | San Diego, CA | San Francisco, CA | St. Louis, MO | Tampa, FL | Washington, DC | Wheeling, WV

Clips of some of these new pieces are available to watch below.

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