The ASA Logbook

The Most Important Part of the ASA System

From an academic standpoint, keeping a record of what courses have been completed is at the heart of moving forward in ASA. The official certification Logbook is the essential means to track this progress. It also contains all the standards for the various course levels and is the obligatory record of proof for certification. A Logbook must be utilized to be part of the ASA curriculum.

Does the Logbook’s Importance Go Beyond Meeting Educational Requirements?

By virtue of the American Sailing Association’s stature in the sailing world, the Logbook is also something of a sailing passport. It is a living document that not only chronicles certification connected requirements, but can be used to keep a record of any and all sea-hours accrued along the way. Having a record of all sailing-related actively, cataloged and presented in this way, acts as a recognized and respected sailing resume. For chartering, job application, or any other situation that requires proof of sailing experience, the ASA Logbook is a valuable asset recognized throughout the world.