From “Bearings Newsletter – Spring 2015“:

Meet ASA’s new Affiliate Representative, Ash!Elbert “Ash” Ashbaugh
Elbert “Ash” Ashbaugh is the newest member of the ASA team and his role is an important one. We’ve been looking for a designated person to be there for the many issues, questions and feedback the affiliates have. Ash is a great guy with a rich sailing background – he is a 50 Ton Master and an ASA 20-year instructor certified through 206 and 214. Here’s a short interview with him to get a feel for who he is.

How did your sailing life begin?
I started with Windsurfing and Hobie Cats. During my high-tech career in Silicon Valley , I taught part-time and sailed SF bay in a Hans Christian. I then completely restored Bill Lee’s classic 40’ ULDB Panache, and did some racing. I was able to work and sail in Sweden, England, Colorado, New England, Texas, and Florida. I took early retirement and have been teaching and skipper chartering predominately in Southern California, with side-trips up and down the Caribbean. I initially was interested in the physics of sailing, but soon found that sailing also opens lots of doors, both socially and personally. The added bonus is that it is a gluten-free refuge from the zombie apocalypse.

I see that this is a new position at ASA. How do you envision your new role here?
The job requires an experienced instructor who also has a strong marketing and business background – someone to be the liaison and conduit between the affiliates and the ASA. I was an Industry Marketing Manager a few times in my business career, where I served as a liaison between HQ and field offices. It will be a two-way street, listening to affiliates ideas and concerns, and providing information and discussion about ASA ideas and plans to improve business growth and efficiency.

How have discussions with affiliates gone so far?
Everyone has been great. There are insights, ideas and concerns just sitting around out there. Having a dialog brings them out. Patterns and actions are already starting to emerge. I plan on calling each affiliate in the next 90-days. It is important to know that affiliates are not franchises. McDonalds is a franchise… everything is the same everywhere. With ASA affiliates, each has an identity and culture tuned to their market and environment. There is no cookie-cutter approach.

If you would like to reach out to Ash and welcome him to ASA or start a dialogue about your ideas send him an e-mail at