INSIDE SAILING with Peter Isler

Sailing Safety

A Personal Perspective

Sailing Safety

A Personal Perspective
This course is designed for a sailor like you. It aims to help you grow as a sailor by providing a deep dive into the important topic of marine safety. This is an opportunity to learn something new, that you will be able to use in your everyday sailing to make your time on the water safer and more enjoyable.

World renowned sailor and safety at sea educator: Peter Isler takes a personal look at the subject of safety at sea. Isler shares some harrowing sea stories and lessons he learned from those experiences. He also covers some important safety related topics - some of which you would find in a formal safety at sea course and some of which he has gleaned from a lifetime of "messing around in boats".
Course Description

This course is suitable for all levels of sailors wishing to gain a better understanding of becoming a safer sailor. This course covers the following topics:

  • Sea Stories - Peter shares some personal memories of dramatic events that changed his life and perspective on sailing safety. After which he discusses the important “lessons” that he learned from those events.
  • Making Safety a Priority - Peter talks about the importance of setting an “ethos” of safety on board your boat and provides tips you can use on your boat.
  • Safety Equipment - Peter will review his perspective on some safety equipment including PFD’s and electronic aids for man overboard and emergency.
In this show you will learn about:
  • How kites work as ultra-efficient sailpower
  • The different equipment, specialties and competitions that have evolved
  • How hard is it to learn?
  • The best way to learn
  • Safety considerations
  • Kiteboarding and the Olympics

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