Instructor Qualification Clinic (IQC) Registration

American Sailing Association First 22 built by Beneteau sailing in Annapolis MD.
American Sailing Association First 22 built by Beneteau sailing in Annapolis MD.

To date we have certified well over 3000 instructors nationwide. Instructor clinics are based on the ASA 101 Standards and the ASA Instruction Standards. Each individual brings with him/her a wealth of knowledge and ability. As an instructor candidate you will share in this exciting exchange of information in a challenging and supportive atmosphere.

ASA Instructor Clinics test and evaluate knowledge and ability. Time is also spent understanding and perfecting communication skills. In the end instructors come away with credentials which distinguish them as professionals. They also possess the necessary tools to efficiently guide others through the first steps of their sailing experience. Without challenge there can be no growth. The instructor clinic offers a unique opportunity for you to challenge yourself and grow as a result. You may follow the steps listed below to register for a clinic and receive your study material. This will give you a head start. Preparation can make the difference between success and failure.

Registering for an ASA Certified Instructor Clinic

  1. Start by logging into the Instructor Portal.
  2. Firstly, you must check that your instructor membership is current in order to apply for an instructor clinic.
  3. Click on IQC to see the schedule of upcoming clinics.
  4. Choose a clinic from the list to see the details including the location and pre-requisites for that clinic.
  5. Contact the affiliate school hosting the clinic to get an application form, or if you have any questions.
  6. Turn in your application & fees directly to the affiliate school.

Instructor Clinic Fees

Instructor Membership $79
(Instructor Membership is required for all clinic registration*)
Radar Endorsement Instr. (REI – 220) [ASA Headquarters Only] $299
Weather Endorsement Instr. (WEI – 219) [ASA Headquarters Only] $299
*  All Instructor memberships expire at the end of the calendar year.
Shipping Standard Materials via UPS (10 Business Days) – $15

Each instructor level (except BSBI) is a prerequisite for the next higher level. Instructors must teach for one year as a BCCI or BBCI before they are allowed to advance to ACCI.

Instructor Preparation:

  • Know the content being delivered
  • Verbalize and demonstrate skills effectively and with a positive attitude
  • Model behaviors that emphasize safety (e.g. wearing PFD’s, using three points of contact, using proper skills even when not being demonstrated, etc.)
  • Know how to appropriately use of a variety of instructional techniques (e.g. hands-on practice, guided self-discovery, repetitive practice drills, positive behavior reinforcement, etc.)
  • Know available plans for students to seek additional practice opportunities

What candidates have said about the clinic:

“Very demanding but fair and a great experience.” – John Charles, B.C. Canada

“I approached this class with a complacent, smug attitude, but when finished I was genuinely proud to have passed and have the certifications.” – Larry Hansz, Traverse City, MI

“The most mentally demanding program I have participated in since attending the Army Command and General Staff College. Bob Diamond is a no nonsense I.E. who ASA can be sure is upholding the standards set for instructor status in all courses. I am personally proud to have been certified by this master” – Dave Archer, Novato CA

What candidates have said about the Instructor Evaluators:

“…the I.E. of my IQC was and is one of the most professional and personable instructors I have had the good fortune to meet.”

“…handled one set back after the other professionally. He is an excellent and dedicated instructor…”

“… a super facilitator, keeping things light, on purpose and keeping everyone motivated when we started to slack…”