J-Boats Sponsorship

By: American Sailing Association, Sailboats, Social Media

We’re excited to announce that ASA is embarking on the production of a series of high-definition instructional videos, drawing from our new Sailing Made Easy textbook. J-Boats has come aboard as our official sponsor, and the videos will be feature the sleek J-Boat owned by ASA’s founder and chairman, Lenny Shabes, and his wife, Cindy (ASA’s President). The couple recently attended ASA’s San Juan Islands flotilla in the Puget Sound; when asked if they spotted any Orca whales, Cindy replied, “We did, but they were rather far away… now, if we’d been our J-Boat, we could have zipped right over there!”

Known for their speed and popular in regattas, J-Boats are also a great choice for sailing instruction. Fast and tender, they react quickly to changes a sailor might try, but they also have a low center of gravity for smooth stability. Of his own J-Boat, Lenny says, “I love my boat. It’s the most fun I’ve had sailing a boat, ever. We love it on daysails, we love it racing–it’s the best all-around boat money can buy.”

J-Boats describes the experience of sailing one: “[J-boats] instill a sense of confidence, freeing one from anxieties. Even when planing at 10+ knots, one feels in total control. There’s less work. Guests aren’t pressured into unfamiliar tasks. Fewer orders are needed. It’s more fun. . . like a good sports-car, turning as if it were part of you. Not with sluggish delay, but with a smooth, even response–around crests, down waves, and through crowded harbors.”

Perfect boats for beginners to accomplished racers–we’re thrilled to be featuring them in our videos. Catch the videos on Latitudes & Attitudes TV (on the Versus network) Wednesdays at 9:30am EST/6:30am PST through the end of September. You can also find individual tips posted on ASA’s Facebook fan page.

For more information about J-Boats, visit www.jboats.com.