August Photo of the Month

By: American Sailing Association, Members, Social Media

We had our first Photo of the Month competition on Facebook last week. The above photo of the grand yacht Whisper, submitted by George Bekris, won with the most “likes” from fans. Fans voted on their favorites, and the race was close; the following three tied for second place with only one vote less than the winner:

I find it telling that all four of these top photos showcase similar aspects of sailing–sleek lines, grand beauty, movement. The winner will be showcased as the Photo of the Month in this month’s Sailing With Style e-newsletter, and next month we’ll be hosting another competition with a different theme. It could be photos of pets on boats, it could be the best anchorages, it could be small boats–I’m open to suggestions! What do you want to see as the theme for our next sailing Photo of the Month competition?