ASA Sailing Clubs: K.Y.S.C. Fall Leaves Regatta

By: American Sailing Association, Members, Sailboats

On Sunday, October 24th, a new ASA local sailing club based in Atlanta, GA got underway with an event they called the “Fall Leaves Regatta.” Organized by club ambassador Cpt. Rob James, the event was a resounding success. Sixteen people got together for an afternoon of sailing and socializing on Lake Arrowhead, GA. Here is Cpt. James’ description:

We had 4 sailboats and one chase boat on the water for three hours. Some people had never sailed before and were guided by those that were ASA certified. We had homemade pumpkin bread, cookies and apple cider. Meanwhile, our club photographer took pictures with the fall colors as a background.

ASA sailing clubs like this one are launching across the country. They’re free to join and have no membership dues. Most importantly, they’re a great way to meet other ASA sailors and get out on the water. Most events are free or very low-cost. The Fall Leaves Regatta, for example, cost $15/person, and that included use of the boats and the food!

Even during the off-season, ASA sailing clubs will be active with social events, movie nights, and more.

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