Seminar for Cruising Couples in Miami

By: American Sailing Association, Instructors, Schools

sideways sailingSingle-handers and other brave (but lonely) seafarers tend to get most of the press, but let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun to sail the seas with somebody. Maybe this is something you and your partner have always wanted to do, but the idea of learning everything you need to know leaves you feeling a little bit…sideways.

That’s why ASA is sponsoring the “Cruising Couples” seminar series, presented by Jeff Grossman & Jean Levine of Two Can Sail. They will be holding this immersive, day-long seminar on February 19 at the Miami Boat Show, and it’s a can’t-miss for the couple who has always wanted to charter or cruise together, but needs a bit of advice and encouragement.

Jeff & Jean, along with their crack team of captains, authors, meteorologists, marine surveyors, and ASA instructors, can help you “take the drama out the dream.” The seminar focuses on such varied topics as planning, teamwork, facing your fears, and dealing with nasty weather. The Two Can Sail team has collaborated on a Seminar Companion Guide which each participating couple will receive, in addition to a free pair of tickets to Sunday at the Miami Boat Show. And, equally important, there will be plenty of time for socializing, asking questions, and discussing the topic with the experts and your fellow cruising couples.
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These seminars have limited space, and at the time of writing there are ONLY 10 spots for couples remaining! (It is highly recommended that both people attend.) The cost is $275 per couple, but if you’re an ASA member make sure to ask for your $15 discount. If only one person is able to attend, the cost is $150. To register, visit their website here, email them, or call 727-644-7496.

Jeff & Jean will have you “right side up” and fulfilling your sailing dreams!