March Photo of the Month: Your Most Relaxing Day on a Boat

By: American Sailing Association, Members, Sailboats, Social Media

Well, I thought we had a barn burner last month, but this month’s Facebook sailing photo contest required an unprecedented “run-off vote” to determine a winner. The theme was “Your Most Relaxing Day on a Boat” and we had a huge crop of entries, most of which featured people taking semi-comatose siestas on the decks of their boats in all sorts of locations, both exotic and close to home.

As the scheduled voting period ended, the race between the leaders was too close to call. It came down to a case of “Mother and Child” vs. “Man and his Best Friend.” But in the end, we had a clear winner, which will be published in the ASA Sailing With Style E-Newsletter. Thanks, as always, to everyone who submitted their wonderful photography and to all of you who voted!


Maria Cox Sheridan submitted this winning entry: “My son and I relaxing on the Chesapeake Bay, after returning from a 10-month cruise to The Bahamas.” Some of our readers added their own commentary. “A child on a boat with his Mom…a future sailor and memories being made!” And: “The composition is nice…The entire effect is sweet, warm and relaxing.”
March photo winner


Rob Webb’s portrait of an easy-going day on the water with a barbeque and a trusty canine friend came near to victory. I don’t think anyone would mind trading places with him in this shot.
march runner up


Bill Lindsay’s submission, “A lazy afternoon on the Nile,” earns my nod this month not only because of its relevance to current events, but because it’s different than anything else we received. As one reader put it, “Definitely out of the box for ASA.”
march editor's choice

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