May Photo of the Month Winners: First Time Sailors & Skippers

By: American Sailing Association, Social Media

question markYour votes on Facebook and Twitter decided our Sailing Photo of the Month contest yet again. The theme was “First Time Sailors & Skippers,” and we got some great shots of folks learning to sail or taking charge of a vessel for the first time. We were especially happy to see how many of these pictures featured people who appeared to be having a great time during an ASA course from one of our many sailing schools. Here’s how it shook out in the end:


Tamara Weaver Knowles posted the winning entry, with the caption, “First Time Skipper is hard work :).” Looks like a hard life, indeed. Congratulations, Tamara, your photo will be published in the American Sailing Association’s “Sailing With Style” Newsletter.
contest winner may


Coming in with a strong second place finish was this dynamic image submitted by Janet Gunn, with the photo by (and of) her brother Wayne Gunn. Here’s Janet’s description: “My brother & I bought a sailboat together in 2006. We took a class on Lake Michigan that spring. Here he’s first time at the helm & captured the scene! Very proud that day, he was.”
may runner up


Finally, a nod to this beautiful wooden boat and the good safety techniques practiced by man and canine alike. Jamie Holloway, who sent us this photo, gave this description: “First time sailor Roma, 3 1/2 year old Weimaraner, and newby skipper Jamie, sailing Seattle’s favorite wooden boat (Blanchard knockabout), on South Lake Union (Center of Wooden Boats), April 24th 2011. Roma loved it and she is whispering that she wants back out on the water.”

Huge thanks to all of our voters and our excellent photographers! View the entire album of entries here, and join in on the fun by becoming a fan of ASA on Facebook!