Bahamas Adventure: The First Leg

By: American Sailing Association, Flotillas, Sailboats

brenda and johnThis guest post by ASA’s Brenda Wempner is about ASA’s 2011 adventure flotilla in the Exuma Islands (or “Out Islands”) of the Bahamas. Find out more about ASA’s flotillas here.

As the ASA Instructor and Representative on the first week of the ASA Exuma Islands Flotilla, I did not know exactly what to expect. These were new waters for me, new people and boats that I had never sailed before. John Baker took the helm of the boat I was on and easily pointed it out of the small harbor. The water was breathtaking. It changed from emerald green to the bluest blue. It was crystal clear and I could see the bottom despite the depth. The guides for our trip were Dallas and Andrew. They followed the four Sea Pearl sailboats closely on a power cat motorboat. Our small group on small boats adventure had begun.

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