ASA partners with NASA: “We will sail the Sea of Tranquility by 2020”

By: Standards

For Immediate Release – April 1, 2014

Following the recent announcement of worldwide partnerships with leading boat manufacturer Beneteau and peer-to-peer marketplace Boatbound, the American Sailing Association (ASA) is proud to embark on its latest alliance.

In a press conference at Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, the ASA and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched a new strategic partnership to increase awareness of sailing opportunities on the moon, vowing to establish a thriving lunar sailing community by 2020.


An artist’s rendering of the scintillating scenery that awaits sailors on the moon.

“For too long, recreational sailing on the moon has been all but impossible for the average American,” said NASA director Charles Bolden. “Fears regarding high cost, out-of-the-way location, or lack of breathable air may have made consumers reluctant, but we want to remind them that this is still their closest orbital body! Our multi-stage collaboration will change the perception of moonsailing as an elitist sport available only to those with advanced astrophysics degrees.”

The initial phase of the project will see Titan rockets transport ASA-certified sailing instructors to the lunar surface, where they will establish sailing schools in the Sea of Serenity and Bay of Rainbows, with further expansion planned for the Lake of Time and the Sea of Fecundity. Offshore Passagemaking courses will be held in the Ocean of Storms, weather permitting.

“The sailing conditions will be different from what we’re used to here on Earth,” said ASA Online Communications Director Ben Miller. “For instance, instead of flotation devices, sailors will wear weighted vests. And with no atmosphere, wind, or water, the moon presents an intriguing navigational challenge to mariners.”


Our team works around the clock to find the algorithm for maximum fun!

ASA will develop a lunar curriculum to supplement its existing courses, bringing the same Earthly standard of excellence to the field of extraterrestrial voyaging. A new textbook, Moonsailing Made Easy, will be accompanied by pamphlets such as “Understanding Solar Flares” and “I’m Afraid I Can’t Do That, Dave: Using Your Onboard Systems.”

Certifications offered will include “Anchoring in Zero G,” “Basic Thruster Repair,” and “Introduction to Flag-Planting.”, the official charter partner of ASA, will offer a variety of attractive vacation packages, including a 7-day crewed charter on the Sea of Vapors, shore excursions to the towering Mons Hadley, and day sails in the Lake of Sorrow. All charters are available in Premium (Sunlight) or Budget (Darkness).

“Forget the crowded anchorages of Earth, and let the warm, radioactive solar breeze wash over you,” says Miller. “There truly is nothing like a sailing charter vacation. Relax with that special someone and enjoy a vacuum-sealed refreshment, or bring the whole family on an adventure of exploration. What better place for your next getaway than a cold, distant rock, utterly devoid of life?”

A kickoff event featuring Jimmy Buffett is planned for Cape Canaveral on April 1, 2020.