Combine Sailing Lessons With an International Vacation

By: Schools

Vacations are for rejuvenation and exploration, right? So why not one-up all the normal resort-goers and take sailing lessons at your vacation destination this summer! Sailing can be both relaxing and adventurous, so it’s the perfect sport to pick up on your next trip. Besides, who wouldn’t want to learn how to sail in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? Many popular vacation destinations have nearly ideal sailing conditions, so there’s nothing standing in your way.

_MG_4057At first, finding a trustworthy sailing school overseas with the right learning environment might seem like a daunting task. However, the American Sailing Association promotes sailing worldwide, so it’s much easier than you may think! Some ASA sailing schools in the United States even have destination courses, so check with schools in your area first. If that doesn’t work out, finding an excellent, ASA-certified sailing school overseas is just a click away. In fact, there are over 60 ASA schools outside of the United States! Sailing schools from the Caribbean to China boast reliable, certified programs. Many vacation spots offer learn to sail programs because sailing is a popular, fun activity that allows you to fully appreciate the beauty of another country. These schools will give you the opportunity to learn how to sail (or refine your preexisting sailing skills) at your stunning vacation destination.  Fortunately, you’ll earn the same certification as those who took ASA courses in the United States. Why is that so important? Well, you’ll not only learn how to sail, but also come out of the program with a certification that you can use at home and worldwide. By getting certified through ASA-affiliated schools overseas, you begin your exploration of your vacation destination and the sailing world… You can now take higher level courses and even charter a boat at home or overseas with the right certification! Sailing is a lifelong journey that you can begin this summer on vacation. All you have to do is find the right overseas school for you!