Top 5 Things To Check Out While Cruising St. Martin!

By: Flotillas

In anticipation of the upcoming flotilla sailing charter vacation in St .Martin on November 13-22 we bring you – the top five cool things about sailing in this awesome Caribbean cruising ground, known as the The Renaissance Islands.

  1. Check out the mud baths at Tintamarre Island!
    They’re about 100-feet inland and said to have magical regenerative properties! Pack mud all over your body, including your hair and soon enough you will have skin soft as a newborn baby. Don’t forget to wash it off before you leave though or you’ll scare the Bejesus out of the rest of the world with your weird tribal look.
  2. Take an underwater submarine voyage at St. Barts!
    It’s not quite a submarine but, it is 22-seats beneath the water’s surface. Stay bone dry and witness all the cool underwater life St. Barts has to offer. There’s often parrot fish, angel fish, barracudas, butterfly fish, sting rays and all kinds of other cool specimens swimming around.
  3. Snorkle Scrub Island!
    Scrub Island is a beautiful place on the planet. There are all kinds of coves, bays, reefs and islets that contain rare sea life and gorgeous underwater sea-scapes. A day snorkeling around the island and you might spot a yellow frogfish or maybe even a golden-faced coney. Fun on tap!

  1. Visit Il Fourche!
    On the way to St. Barts there’s a cool little stop called Il Fourche. It was once a volcano but now it’s a sweet little anchorage where you can dive, snorkel or do some hiking ashore.
  2. Tap into the nudist in you at Orient Beach!
    This is said to be the most famous beach in the entire Caribbean. It’s a beautiful place full of natural wonders but it is also home to quite a well-known nude beach. So, if you didn’t do your laundry and you have nothing to wear – head down to Orient Beach and lose those tan lines!