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Sailing Terms Quiz (II)

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Quiz 1 Results

Quiz 1 Results

Okay, here’s another quick little quiz of sailing terms born from our Sailing Made Easy book.

In our first Sailing Terms Quiz only 50% of you got all the questions right! Let’s see if you can all do a little better this time!

Test your sailing knowledge with these 5 questions – if you get them all right, the quiz will give you compliments. If you make a mistake, the quiz may act like a wise guy. Either way, it’s fun. Ready?

  • What is a fairlead?
    1. The path in which a sheet runs aft from a sail to a winch Back to the books for you!
    2. A fitting used to lead a line at the correct angle towards something else Good answer!
    3. A device that opens by way of a pin and a spring Nope, that’s a snap-shackle
    4. Any line in the running rigging that controls tension You been fooled!
  • “Lee helm” is…
    1. The tendency of a sailboat, when sailing, to turn away from the wind Feels good to be right doesn’t it?
    2. The tendency of a sailboat, when sailing, to turn towards the wind Nope, it’s actually the opposite.
    3. The tendency of a sailboat, when sailing, to achieve perfect balance It’s an optimistic choice but it’s not right.
    4. The tendency of a sailboat, when sailing, to vacillate in its ability to find balance maybe you don’t know what “lee helm” is, but you will!
  • What is “freeboard”
    1. The amount of space in the bilge area of a boat Try again!
    2. The width of the walking-area between the lifelines and cabin You’re guessing!
    3. A large wooden plank that plays the role of a keel on smaller boats through the use of a block and tackle system Sounds like it could be right, but it’s not.
    4. The height of the hull above the waterline Smart is what you are!
  • What’s a “bolt rope”?
    1. A metal fitting designed to secure ropes to decks No, that’s not it.
    2. A rope that has hard fiber threading similar to a metal bolt No, but you should invent that!
    3. A rope sewn into the edge of a sail Right! You’re intelligence is undeniable!
    4. A rope used to permanently affix something Bad news… that’s not right.
  • What is a “hank”?
    1. An attachment fitting found in the rudder system Nope, if you find a hank in the rudder system, you should probably get it out of there.
    2. A metal clip or fabric tab used to attach a sail’s luff to a stay Yes! Bask in your brilliance!
    3. The metal tab used to raise and lower zippers There is probably a name for that thing but it isn’t hank.
    4. A knot used to tie two different types of rope together So… do you know how to tie one of these “hank knots”? No, this is not correct.
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