Language of the Sea

Language of the Sea

By: Sailing Fun

It’s amazing how much influence sailing has had on society; right down to the words we speak. This was once a world that was predicated upon the activity of sailboats. The lands we discovered, the goods we needed and the wars we fought were all about sailing. But let’s focus on language for sec. It’s fascinating that the terms that were born on tall ships hundreds of years ago are still in our modern vernacular. Here’s a game – check out this guy talking about his job and see how many old-school nautical terms you spot. Post the number and in a couple of days we’ll let you know if you caught them all and what their origins are. Good luck!

So, I have to tell ya… Lately, I’ve been making money hand over fist. Some of my colleagues think it has something to do with a slush fund, but believe me, it’s all on the up and up.

It’s like this: I met some investors, we talked and they seemed to like the cut of my jib. They taught me how to work this new system that I can’t really talk about – can’t let the cat out of the bag, but I learn the ropes, I’m completely gung ho about it and suddenly another better job is in the offing. I take that gig and ride it like the wind. Now I’m styling. Everything is good right? Wrong. My boss at that job is a monster – full on loose canon. By and large, I like stuff ship shape too ya know? But this guy is hard and fast with everything and I’m not into feeling like the freaking whipping boy. It’s a dilemma. The office is small, it’s close quarters and I really don’t know whether to cut and run or stay on – hard to decide. If I leave I’m sort of left high and dry but if I stay to the bitter end I could find myself over a barrel and it could all backfire. I don’t know… I might have to deep-six this thing. I’m waiting on another situation. I’ll know in a couple of shakes how that will all pan out. Hopefully the new opportunity will fit the bill, but who knows.

Hey, maybe we could get together sometime over a cup of Joe. Maybe hearing your thoughts would put a new slant on things for me. It’s all kind of taking the wind out of my sails, but I’ll recover. Let’s hang out soon!

Sal Trimmer