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12 Things To Pack On Your Next Charter / Flotilla

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Captain Valerie Weingrad is an ASA Certified Instructor and has organized sailing vacations all around the world. She knows exactly how, and what things to pack to make sure you have a great sailing vacation!

It’s a few days before your flight to some tropical paradise and it’s time to pack. What to bring? Packing light is the key to enjoying your trip. Most people end up wearing only half of the clothes they bring. Remember storage space is limited on a sailboat, so it’s a good idea to pack everything in soft sided collapsible duffel type luggage.

Many tropical islands are casual and clothing such as shorts, shirts, tops and sundresses are fine and of course don’t forget your bathing suit! You may want to throw in a pair of slacks and shirt for the men, and a sundress for the women just in case you want to try one of the fancier restaurants.

Other items not to leave home without:

  1. Shoes
    Boat shoes or light soled non marking shoes for on board, sandals or sneakers for going ashore.
  2. A light fleece or windbreaker
    It can get cold at night and you might want something to protect you from the sea spray when it’s windy.
  3. Personal toiletries
    You’re not staying at a hotel so don’t forget bath soap, shampoo and of course plenty of sunscreen.
  4. One or more hats with a “keeper”
    It’s no fun when your favorite hat goes to Davy Jones locker!
  5. An adequate supply of prescribed medications
    You should pack them in your carry on luggage. Sailing is an adventure so be prepared for calm seas as well as windy conditions.  If you are prone to motion or seasickness an over the counter remedies such as Bonine works wonders.
  6. Valid passport and any visas (if needed)
    Check visa requirements well ahead of time in case you need to apply before hand, also if your passport expires within 6 months of your travel date they may not let you in.
  7. ATM card and enough local currency
    Bring enough to get you through the first day or two. Find out if US dollars are a acceptable form of currency and save yourself the hassle of exchanging money.
  8. Music
    CDs, iPods, MP3s etc.
  9. Adapters
    Many people choose to disconnect, but forgetting your charger will leave you no choice!
  10. Bug spray
    Don’t let the no-see-ums ruin you day!
  11. A flashlight with extra batteries.
    Great in your cabin or as a headlight on the dinghy ride home.
  12. Your sense of adventure!

Haven’t booked your sailing vacation yet? Flotillas are a great way to explore new cruising grounds, and meet new sailors. You can enjoy the freedom of skippering your own boat but have comfort in knowing that a Flotilla Leader is on hand to help with navigation, local weather, and to ensure you get the most out of your sailing vacation!

Join the Renaissance Islands Flotilla and explore the islands of St Martin, Anguilla and St Bart’s this November 13th-22nd 2015. Contact Valerie at for details.