Hands Across The Sea

Hands Across The Sea Ship 37,000 Books

By: Partners

We just received this note from Hands Across the Sea’s Co-Founders, Harriet and Tom Linskey: After 14 very busy days in the warehouse of Harte-Hanks, a fabulously philanthropic Hands Logistic Angel, the Hands team, with the help of some enthusiastic cruising sailors, has wrapped up the 2016-2017 Hands Wish Lists shipment… 625 boxes of new amazing books, plus metal bookshelves, are now on their way to 117 pre-schools, special education schools, primary schools, and secondary schools in the Eastern Caribbean.

We owe a huge thanks to the crew of sailors who devoted days to sorting and packing 37,000+ books with us: Ivanara and Robert, who sail a Catana 44 in Florida waters and are preparing for long-distance cruising; Hannah and Damien, who sail a Catalina 30 in the Chesapeake Bay and are dreaming of long-distance cruising; and Jennifer and Scott, who have recently returned from cruising the Eastern Caribbean. “While we were working 11-hour days in the warehouse, another amazingly philanthropic organization, the American Sailing Association, has been running the ASA/Hands Caribbean Getaway Sweepstakes, to benefit Caribbean kids,” says Harriet Linskey. “Every sailor should check out the great prizes of this event — a Horizon Yacht Charters bareboat week in the British Virgin Islands, and one-week resort stays on Antigua and Saint Lucia. But you’ve got to make your move ASAP, because entries close at 11:59 PM this Friday, September 30!“.

Please donate & enter the 2016 Caribbean Getaway Sweepstakes