2016 Top Posts

Top 5 ASA Posts of 2016

By: American Sailing Association

Looking back over the year of 2016 we’ve published some great content – here are the top 5 posts of 2016, voted for by you and your mouse clicks!

  1. Cruising Catamarans Made Easy Textbook

    Top 5 Posts of 2016 - ASA's Cruising Catamarans Made Easy Textbook
    Interested in exploring the comfort, speed and stability of a beautiful cruising catamaran? ASA’s Cruising Catamarans Made Easy will set you off on the right course. The textbook is the ideal companion to our ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran certification, and will take you from bowsprit to stern rail and all points in between, describing and illustrating how to sail these beamy, twin engine cruising crafts. Learn more…

  1. Sailing: A Sport Like No Other

    Top 5 Posts of 2016 - Sailing A Sport Like No Other
    Putting aside whether you’re into racing or not and just thinking about the broader world of sports, it’s interesting to consider sailing and particularly yacht racing within that greater context. All recognized sports, especially the mainstream variety, share a sense of drama and competition, but none involve the elements of the outside world quite like sailing. Read more…

  1. 7 Tips For Night Sailing

    Top 5 Posts of 2016 - Seven Tips For Night Sailing
    Now that we’re into the summer months, lots of you might want to stretch your skill set and do a bit of night sailing. It’s a bit of a different animal so we’ve cobbled together seven things to keep in mind as you head off into the wild black yonder. Read more…

  1. Docking Made Easy Videos

    Learn how to dock a sailboat under sail, or under power, in a variety of different scenarios. Sailing legend Peter Isler walks us through the process using animations, illustrations and live action footage. Understand the techniques and skills required by both skipper and crew in order to make your docking experiences safe and easy. Watch the videos…
  1. Anchoring Quiz (and other quizzes)

    Top 5 Posts of 2016 - Anchoring Quiz
    Anchoring is a giant part of the boating experience and we have to know how to do it well. Here’s a little anchoring quiz we’ve created from ASA’s Coastal Cruising Made Easy and Bareboat Cruising Made Easy. Take the quiz…