Sailors For The Sea

Exciting News For Sailors for the Sea

By: Partners

Beyond sailing, the American Sailing Association is most committed to issues revolving around protecting the oceans and waterways that we so passionately care about. To that end, ASA keeps a close eye on and in some cases partners with organizations that share that same concern. One of those is Sailors for the Sea ( whose proclaimed mission statement is: “Engaging, educating, inspiring, and activating the boating community to protect the waters we all love to recreate on.

We’re particularly fond of Sailors for the Sea because firstly, they are sailors, so of course that is something we very much appreciate, but maybe more important is the zeal and commitment with which they approach their mission. In 2016 over 1,300,000 people engaged with Sailors for the Sea’s programs and social media, illustrating how active and diligent they are in their pursuits.

So, we could not have been happier when we learned that they plan to join forces with Oceana – the world’s largest international ocean conservation organization (see press release for all the details). It’s encouraging to see people with such good intentions find means to further their work and grow globally. We’re excited to continue to being their partners as they grow and develop their already successful programs which include: Clean Regattas, Kids Environmental Lesson Plans (KELP), Ocean Watch, and their Green Boating Guide.

We ask that you check out Sailors for the Sea and hopefully support them in their unrelenting efforts to protect the waters we, as sailors, all hold dear.