Ports We Love: Anse de Colombier, St. Barth

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St. Barth, home of Anse de Colombier, is the jewel of the Caribbean where you are more apt to find a souffle than rum cake. Bordeaux flows freely on the mega yachts in Gustavia Harbor and the culinary excellence found on the Champs Elysees in Paris would feel at home on the shores of this Windward Island. Arrive on the island for the St. Barths Bucket Regatta and you’ll experience an atmosphere reminiscent of the South of France with the toys of the ultra rich racing on the waters that surround the island. St. Barth is the playground for the well heeled but it can be accessible to all.

Accessed only by boat, Anse de Colombier seems like a world away from the narrow streets of Gustavia but its lack of pretense makes it an ideal anchorage. It is visited by enough sailboats to make it alive with energy but not so many to crowd your view. The harbor in Gustavia can get crowded, but you will still be able to pick up a mooring or drop your hook in Anse De Colombier.

Things To Do in Anse de Colombier

There is a trail that leads away from Anse de Colombier that climbs up a moderate hill to sweeping views of nearby islands. This trail leads to the bay of Flamands where it is rumored that Beyonce frolics in the surf and sandcastles have been crafted by some of the A-listers of Hollywood. That’s not the reason you should visit Anse de Colombier but is useful when describing the type of attractions found nearby yet a world away. It is an exclusive setting that is opened up by the fact that you are arriving by boat.

Anse de Colombier, St Barths

The Beaches near Anse de Colombier

The long white sand beach, often referred to as Rockefeller Beach because David Rockefeller owned the hills surrounding the beach for years, is perfect for an afternoon picnic on the beach. The trails leading away from the beach take you on adventures of exploration of small coves or on a journey to Gustavia.

The west side of Colombier is calm and ideal for snorkeling, and there are numerous dive sites along the rocks if your SCUBA skills are up to it. The quiet bay makes for a perfect location to kayak or to work on your balance on a Stand Up Paddleboard.

Why Anse De Colombier?

It’s the Caribbean, so you’ll have warm water, great wind, and easy navigation. The sandy beach is alluring, and the opportunities for exploring the island from this point are not mundane. The combination of Caribbean culture and French chic make this a destination for those who have a penchant for gastronomic curiosity as well as outdoor adventure.

Within the heavenly traveled routes of charter cruisers in the Caribbean, this spot is not as well worn as those in the BVIs but it can be popular. That should not be reason enough to avoid it. Instead, it is the reason to select it as an anchorage for a couple of days on your trip. Calm waters, protected bay, and options on land and nearby make this spot on St. Barth a must do.

Location: St. Barth

Anse de Colombier is on St. Barth and with that comes the atmosphere of luxury and class but you cannot overlook the pleasures of French culture. Head into town and stock up on French wines at ridiculously great prices and your cheese selection will rival a Michelin starred restaurant cheese cart. The bread will be fresh and your table will be set to enjoy the tranquility of this bay on the west side of the island.

Clearing in:

Gustavia, Port Captain’s Office – for more information visit www.st-barths.com.

Anse de Colombier, St Barths

Where to Eat while you’re at Anse de Colombier:

La Case de L’Isle (45 minute walk) – If you are up for a bit of a hike take the trail leading up and away from the beach. You’ll head along the Colombier Beach Trail that hugs the north shore. Soon you’ll see the Bay de Flamand, and as you walk along the beach, the far end is where you look at Cheval Blanc. The restaurant is part of this luxury resort. Expect fine French cuisine with a nod to Caribbean ingredients accompanied by an impressive wine list anchored by great French wines.

La Creperie & Restaurant St.Barth (Gustavia) – Take a short walk up the rise away from the Port Captain’s Office and you’ll find Rue du Roi Oscar II. The crepes are savory, sweet and in some instances quite large. A pleasant location for lunch and it is considerably less expensive than the typical St. Barth’s restaurants. The salad crepes are light and not what you would expect, but the dessert crepes are a magical presentation of sugary delight. With fresh fruit and ice cream that will satisfy your sweet tooth this spot ranks high as a casual option when wanting to scale back the “chic” on St. Barth. The menu also surprises with sandwiches, pasta, and salads.


Libre Service – This small grocery store, steps away from the water, might be small in square footage, but it is enormous when it comes to selection. The cheese section is impressive, and bread and wine choices are not far behind in terms of options. This is a one-stop provisions spot very close to the Port Captain’s office.

Anse de Colombier, St Barths

Things To See near Anse de Colombier

  • Flamands – Low key wide white beach with a relaxed atmosphere
  • St. Jean – Tourist hub with the go-to restaurants and bars
  • Gustavia – Main street for commerce and shopping as well as restaurants and bars
  • Ile Fourche (nearby, moorings available) – Excellent snorkeling in a protected bay. No services on land but a tranquil spot and quiet anchorage.