What Do These Sailor Tattoos Mean Quiz

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Sailors can be a bit superstitious and they all are part of a special group of people who spend a lot of time on the water. There is a sense of symbolism that comes from that and it is represented in tattoos that sailors wear on their bodies. Can you guess what they mean?

You have seen the ink but what do those sailor tattoos mean?

Take this quiz and you’ll find out if you have earned the right to get a tattoo.

    • What Does Full a Fully Rigged Ship Mean on a Sailor?
      1. This sailor will climb a mast Nope, if you have a lot of ink on that arm, you know what it means, right? (The correct answer is B)
      2. This tattoo means the sailor has been around Cape Horn Yes. You need a broad chest after a long journey like that, good job!
      3. This is the captain by virtue of mutinyDead wrong. Too many movies, stop watching television and go sailing. (The correct answer is B)
      4. He is a sailmaker Wrong but he or she might be good with a sewing machine. (The correct answer is B)

    • What Does a Nautical Star Ensure to a Sailor?

      1. That poetry will always be about astronomy. No, but very romantic.(The correct answer is C)
      2. That he is a General in the Navy
        If it was that easy to be a General everyone would get a star tattooed on their arm.(The correct answer is c)
      3. That a sailor can always find his way home Oh yeah! I’m sailing with you if I want a round trip.
      4. Celebrity status back at the dock because of their ability to read the stars Really, can sailing make you a celebrity?(The correct answer is C)
    • Why Would a Sailor Have a “Hold Fast” Tattoo on Their Body?
      1. A sailor who is known for speed on the water No way, are sailboats fast? Wait… they can be.(The correct answer is D)
      2. As a sign of readiness You know, as in “Hold this real fast.” Not quite.(The correct answer is D)
      3. That sailor is in charge of slowing the boat for oncoming traffic. That’s the answer that seemed correct?(The correct answer is D)
      4. As a reminder to get a good grip on the rigging
        Yes, good job, do you need a reminder to pick up your socks?
    • Who Would Have Crossed Cannons Tattooed on Themselves?
      1. A sailor who crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific on the same voyage No, but that is a great guess.(The correct answer is C)
      2. The sailor with a booming voice. Can you hear him telling you that you are wrong?(The correct answer is C)
      3. A sailor that served in the military Correct. That is a great souvenir(The correct answer is C)
      4. The ambidextrous sailor This is wrong but he could use both hands.(The correct answer is C)
    • Why a Dagger Through a Rose?
      1. This is a loyal sailor who will fight anyone and anything Yes, I guess putting a dagger through a rose proves a lot
      2. A symbol to never fall in love Do you have ice in your veins? Wrong.(The correct answer is A)
      3. Every rose has its thorns Good guess, but no.(The correct answer is A)
      4. Danger! Sharp things hurt beautiful things.
        No, but that’s deep.(The correct answer is A)
    • Who Gets an Anchor Tattoo?
      1. The person at the front of the boat in charge of the anchor. No, too obvious.(The correct answer is D)
      2. The biggest person who is the best at tug of war He is the anchor but still wrong.(The correct answer is D)
      3. The sailor who has retired from the seas and has set his own anchor. That would be good but no.(The correct answer is D)
      4. A sailor who has crossed the Atlantic
        You make the crossing you get the ink!
    • Why Would a Sailor Have a Swallow Tattoo?
      1. The sailor was in charge of the mess hall. Not swallow as in eat, swallow as in bird.(The correct answer is B)
      2. Symbolizes 5000 nautical miles traveled. Sail on!
      3. The sailor is a free spirit who navigates like a bird. Wrong. How does a bird navigate? (The correct answer is B)
      4. The sailor had been stationed in China You are way off, that would be a dragon.(The correct answer is B)
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