Where To Sail This Summer

By: Sailing Fun

The American Sailing Association has announced that it will be leading 3 Exclusive Sailing Tours this summer. You must sign up today, April 1, 2019. All Sailing charters will be led by ASA founder and sailing expert Lenny Shabes aboard his exquisite 1971 Catalina 27.

Sail Directly Upwind on the Las Vegas Strip
ASA has secured the rights to a summer sailing course in the shadows of the fountains of Bellagio on the Las Vegas strip. You’ll spend 5 days learning how to maneuver a bedazzled Catalina 27 through the dancing fountains as you sip some of Nevada’s finest sparkling wine. This course comes complete with an option to perform in a Cirque Du Soliel show as well as a 57-course tasting menu dinner at Le Cirque at Bellagio Las Vegas

Sail on a Dry Lake Bed in Death Valley
You’ll spend 3 hours sailing on Racetrack Playa in Death Valley National Park. The moment the afternoon winds pick up you’ll feel the sand come across the bow and you’ll understand why desert sailing has the following it does. No need to sand down the hull as mother nature will do the job for you. Have you ever had a salt scrub at a fancy spa? In Death Valley, your sailing adventure will not only give you the salt scrub but it will also give you a sauna experience and a hot room all at once. Go ahead and deprive yourself of water as the 120-degree heat will dehydrate you and leave you with a dark tan from the blazing sun overhead. This course requires the student to help with launching the boat on the dry lake bed. Some heavy lifting is required and students should be able to deadlift 300 pounds.

Sail to the Edge of the World
In what can only be described as the trip of a lifetime join ASA Founder Lenny Shabes and his FlatLanders Society as you sail right to the edge of the world. Now you will be able to explain to all of your flat-earth deniers that you have seen actual proof that the world is flat. Your GPS will stop working and your sextant will work in a way that you never have seen it operate before. This trip includes an exclusive lunch menu of sand dabs, flounder and turbot followed by grilled skate along with a special ASA certification in flat earth navigation.