Captain Anne Alberg: Arctic Loon Slideshow

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Being on the water is in Anne Alberg’s DNA. Her great-great-grandfather Anders Persson’s boat is displayed in the harbor in Boren, Sweden. Beginning with several boating vacations to Desolation Sound in British Columbia around the age of 10, Anne has dreamed of sailing to faraway places like the South Pacific, Croatia, Myanmar and Belize. Sailing to Captain Anne has always been about freedom, adventure, exploration and discovery. In addition, it is a captivating and magical feeling being at the helm connecting as one with yourself, the boat and the wind. Anne also loves the social side of spending time with like-minded people sharing stories, learning from their experiences and connecting over their mutual love of sailing.  

Captain Anne and the Journey of the Arctic Loon have been featured on the ASA website a few times and we can’t get enough. Her adventures are worth reading about over and over:

She recently wrote to us about the end of her voyage on S/V Arctic Loon as she approaches New Zealand : 

“A very exciting but also a sad time. Exciting because we made it or have almost reached our goal of making it to New Zealand, and also because it has brought me my next opportunity. Sad as our time together for Diana and me is coming to an end on Arctic Loon. So many planning sessions, so many workshops/classes, so many adventures, so many new cruising friends, so many memories, so many equipment failures, so many sunrises and sunsets… 14 months went fast but it seems like we left Seattle a long time ago.”

Captain Anne took a brief pause in her journey to New Zealand to circumnavigate Japan with friends. While on that cruise, she gave a slide presentation about her voyage aboard the Arctic Loon and how her ASA students became her sailing peers. 

The Description:
Captain Anne will take you on her recent 8,400 nautical mile journey from Seattle, WA across the Pacific Ocean to the Kingdom of Tonga.  Not only will you be captivated by the scenic photography but you will find yourself traveling alongside Captain Anne during rough weather conditions, exploring remote places very few have ever visited, enjoying local cuisines, as well as learning about local traditions.  

We are sharing the Slide Show here: even though the quality is not as good as we would hope.