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An Update from Croatia
The situation in Croatia is really good, it makes us very happy.
Our borders are open and we are all ready to start our activities. Of course, everything will be different, but we believe and hope for a good future, and the sea and sailing are certainly the best and safest choice.
– From Adriatic Sailing Academy May 19, 2020

Croatia is a sailing destination that is on many bucket lists and rightly so with its miles of coastlines and deep history. This part of the Mediterranean is home to over a thousand islands for exploring and rich from a collision of cultures. Nestled in the North Adriatic Sea, Adriatic Sailing Academy offers Charters and Sailing Instruction.

ASA asked Adriatic Sailing Academy about Croatia, the sailing community and learning to sail in this region of Europe.

Why a Sailing School in Croatia?

There was always a desire to create a culture of sailing and a community with open doors for anybody who had an interest in sailing in Croatia. We now have the option to sail year-round with spots for the inexperienced all the way up to the professional sailors. We did not want just a charter operation or just a sailing school, we wanted something bigger.
We started by building and refitting a classic sailing ship that dated back to 1930. It was a great chance for boat lovers, big groups and classic sailing fans to interact. Soon after we taught sailing lessons on the classic boat. Eventually, that led us to want to teach conventional sailing lessons in a school setting. Following that, we created a small fleet to charter and created learn to sail programs for families.

Sailing in Croatia: When is the Best Time to Sail?

While Adriatic Sailing Academy is now a year-round operation the high sailing season is typically between May and October with the busiest times during July and August. You should expect a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and sunny days followed by pleasantly warm evenings. The water is warm, hovering around 74 degrees Fahrenheit and day time air temperatures in the summer months averaging in the mid to high 80s.
While the weather is at its best during these peak times it should be noted that your sailing experience will be dictated by crowds and the increased tourist activity.
Some sailors choose to sail in the “Off Season” when fewer attractions are open but more wide-open spaces are free of tourists. This shoulder season sees cooler temperatures in the low 70s. You can also expect the cost of charters, lessons and tourist activities to be less than the high summer season.

What Are the Top Things to See and Do in Croatia?

  • Croatia is home to 8 National Parks and 11 nature parks. Some are accessible by sailboat with anchorages nearby.
  • The culinary scene is often overlooked but within every bay is a small restaurant that caters to locals. The regional food and ingredients are often the biggest surprises for visiting sailors. Coastal cuisine is of the Mediterranean type and bears the influences of Greek, Roman, Illyrian, Italian and French traditions. The common ingredients are seafood, vegetables, lamb, veal, and poultry. The staples used in most dishes include olive oil, garlic, onion, fresh herbs and spices such as parsley, rosemary, sage, oregano, bay leaves, clove, and cinnamon.
  • The wine culture is often overlooked in Croatia with over 130 wineries and winemakers, this region has many local favorites that are only available in very small quantities. A charter could craft an entire trip based entirely on wine tasting on the islands of Croatia.
  • Sailors are attracted to Croatia because of the almost 5800km of coastlines and over 1000 islands. While only a small portion of these islands are populated they each deliver a different cultural experience. Hard to reach beaches, hidden anchorages and postcard-worthy villages allow for a very individualized itinerary on any sailing vacation.
  • Brijuni National Park is a must-see and accessible by those arriving by sailboat. From your anchorage, at a marina or hotel you will have access to a pristine national park that has been protected from an overabundance of tourism traffic. You will find secluded beaches, lakes, museums and hidden trails.

What Type of Sailing Community is Available to Visiting Sailors?

Tourism drives a lot of commerce in the region and most locals speak fluent English. Small villages are welcoming to sailors and local people are eager to share their slice of Croatian culture. The history of Croatia is rich with stories and fables, sailors will encounter many friendly locals all too happy to talk about their country.

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