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Drive across Colorado and you’ll notice that there are a lot of mountains and a lack of an ocean.  Rivers flow in every direction from the Continental divide and you are more apt to find a ski resort than a sailing school. However, they exist and if you thought that being landlocked would prevent you from learning how to sail, you would be wrong.  Colorado is home to plenty of lakes and reservoirs and it is there where Coloradans work on their sailing education. 

There is a sailing community in Colorado. Is Colorado the place for you to learn to sail? We asked Victoria Sailing School to shed some light on sailing in Colorado. 

Is the Centennial State the destination for your next sailing vacation?

What are your top three reasons to sail in Colorado?

There aren’t many places around where you can ski, golf, and sail all in a single day. We also have amazing views of the mountains while sailing. The wind and weather also change very quickly in Colorado, so students really learn to respect and adapt to changing weather conditions on the fly.

Three things to see while visiting Colorado?

Red Rocks amphitheater, Lake Dillon, any of our 58 14’ers (14000ft mountains)

Best time to visit/sail in Colorado?

You get the best winds in April and May for sailing. But it can be a bit cold, so make sure you bring a jacket!

What kind of sailing community is there in Colorado?

A surprisingly large and close knit one. The 4 reservoirs we teach on all have their own yacht clubs on top of our sailing school boats. It is a challenging place to sail, and people are always willing to help you learn and gain experience!

Is it a good spot for first-time cruisers or is it more for experienced sailors?

Both, we have been teaching beginner sailors for over 30 years. But if you ever seek a real challenge (not necessarily cruising, the reservoirs are quite small), then Colorado sailing can offer that as well.

Sailing Schools in Colorado

Victoria Sailing 697-7433DenverCOUSA
Courses Offered:
101, 103, 104, 105, 107, 114, 117, 118

Dillon Marina Sailing 468-5100150 Marina Drive PO Box 1825DillonCO80435United States
Courses Offered:
101, 102

Peaks and Tideswww.peaksandtides.com970-903-60361526 County Road 982ArbolesCO81121United States
Courses Offered:
101, 103, 104

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