The Winners: Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes

By: Giveaway, Partners

And The Winners are….Kids who have received 20,441 books because of the Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes. Hands Across The Sea has added  491 preschools in six countries in the Caribbean and has reached over 140,000 children at 923 schools, community libraries, and reading programs. The program has shipped more than 526,253 brand new to the Caribbean.

Because of each one of you, we raised a record-breaking $64,095 which is already being put right into action bringing books, resources, and literacy initiatives to children and communities throughout the Eastern Caribbean. We cannot begin to express our gratitude for what this means, especially to our friends at the American Sailing Association for being such incredible partners with us on this journey, and to Dream Yacht Charter and Elite Island Resorts for making these prizes available in support of our mission.” – Hands Across The Sea

This year ASA members donated $64,095 to the Hands Across The Sea Sweepstakes. ASA members donated with a chance to win a weeklong charter with Dream Yacht Charter as well as an opportunity to win a luxurious seven-night stay for four (two rooms) at The Verandah Resort & Spa in Antigua or at the St. James’s Club, Morgan Bay, St. Lucia, courtesy of Elite Island Resorts.

And The Winners are…

First Prize Winner: Week-long Bareboat yacht charter courtesy of Dream Yacht Charter

“Reading is fundamental. In engineering, I mentor up-and-coming leaders and people who want to get into management but who lack necessary literacy and communication skills. They ask me, ‘where did you get your vocabulary?’ I tell them: Just read. It will automatically improve your diction, sentence structure –everything. Literacy is so important in all aspects of life and work.”

Miles Schreiner

ASA Member Miles Schreiner’ sailing journey began on a 10-foot dingy when he was just twelve-years-old. Since then, Miles has gone from motorboating to open water sailing, eventually leading him to an 11-year stint in the Navy (including time spent in the Caribbean). Originally from Pennsylvania state, Miles is a new member of the ASA and is searching for a sailing school and planning his return to boat-ownership in his new home state of Texas. He and his wife Karen, a 30-year veteran of the New York Public School system, had been looking forward to sailing down the coast of Croatia in a sloop. We’re sorry that the pandemic hampered these plans and are overjoyed that Miles and Karen will be able to get back out sailing on a Dream Yacht Charter in the Eastern Caribbean.

Second Prize Winner: Palm Island Resort & Spa, St. Vincent and the Grenadines courtesy of Elite Island Resorts

“Books are time machines taking us away in time and then onwards to new undiscovered lands.”

Seth Nichamoff

Second prize winner and ASA Member Seth Nichamoff is an experienced sailor who has raced J24s and cruised and chartered in his home waters of Texas as well as in Maine, the Caribbean and the Pacific Northwest. Every two years, he and life-long college friends get together to charter in a new location. Seth and his wife Galya live in Houston, Texas, and often charter with ASA school Winward SeaVenture in Kemah. When he’s not on his boat (which is currently docked in Grenada), Seth is hard at work practicing Maritime Law & Litigation.

Seth and Galya are looking forward to day sailing off the beach of Palm Island Caribbean knowing that he has helped to support literacy for Caribbean children.

Third Prize Winner: Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua courtesy of Elite Island Resorts

“Literacy is a lifelong tool. I’ve been lucky and my husband has been lucky to both have had a really great education coming from two different places in the world. Reading has always been very important to me and I know how important it is to children to be able to open the world by being able to read. We take every opportunity we can to help children’s organizations.”

Terry Kinton

Terry Kinton and her husband Paul joined the ASA after doing some training with True North Sailing School in New Jersey. With their True North sailing groups, the Kintons have enjoyed trips around the world, from Thailand to the British Virgin Islands and beyond. Now, residents of Ft. Lauderdale, the Kintons travel to Missouri (Paul’s home state) and spend their summers sailing with the Ozark Yacht Club.

Terry reflects on her time spent throughout the Caribbean with gratitude for each country’s distinctive landscape, traditions, food, and history; like entering into different worlds within short distances. We are excited for Terry and Paul to enjoy their trip to Pineapple Beach Club in Antigua.