Are You A Cat Person

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Why Sail a Catamaran?

The wind was blowing well over 20 and the swells were coming across the beam both in rapid succession and with great fury.  This was not a typical sail day. If I was sailing a monohull I would most likely be tied to the dock having a drink. Instead, the 48-foot catamaran eased across the space between Oyster Pond, St. Martin and Gustavia, St. Barth. A couple of reefs and attention to the details was all it took as the catamaran that we had chartered handled the conditions with ease. 

Some would say that is the reason why they appreciate catamaran sailing while a purist might lament sailing a condominium sized vessel and calling that sailing.

What side are you on?

Have You Always Wanted to Learn to Sail a Catamaran?

ASA 114 Textbook Cruising Catamarans Made Easy

ASA 114, Cruising Catamaran will teach you to skipper an auxiliary-powered sailing cruising catamaran of approximately 30 to 45 feet in length during a multi-day liveaboard cruise upon inland or coastal waters in moderate to heavy winds (up to 30 knots) and sea conditions. Your certification will give you knowledge of catamaran structure, components and features, performance under sail and power, boat systems, seamanship and safety, heavy weather operation, and emergency response.

Take a look at what you will learn with ASA 114

Are You a Cat Person?

What type of boat for Your Sailing Vacation?  Monohull or Catamaran

The choice is between a monohull and a catamaran? Simply put it is between the roomier accommodations and increased privacy of a catamaran and the generally smaller layout of a monohull. Two boats of the same length will vary significantly on the beam and will sail vastly differently.

Does your crew enjoy the feeling of heeling and cutting through the swells or is a condominium on the water what your group is going for? With two boats of the same 43-foot length, a catamaran will provide more generous living space – with four cabins, each with its own head – than a monohull. However, it is also a bigger boat to maneuver under power and sail.

How much do you want to spend?   Luxury or budget?

Cost is a factor in how you choose your boat for a sailing vacation. Catamarans on average will be more expensive relative to your sailing location. Size, quality, features, and amenities all play a role, as do location and season. 

Take The Catamaran Challange

ASA’s Catamaran Challenge app combines the most innovative thinking in the digital education field, with ASA’s experience in teaching sailing, to create a game that allows players to climb aboard and take control of a cruising catamaran. Operating a twin-engine catamaran under power is very different from operating a single-engine monohull, this app is designed to teach you the nuances and allow you to practice these new skills.

Are You A Cat Person?

When considering a charter boat a catamaran is an excellent option when the entire family is going to be on the boat or when you will split the cost with a few couples. The space on a catamaran is abundant and finding a spot to be alone is much easier than on a monohull. How do you make the choice? Take a look at an excerpt from ASA’s Your First Sailing Charter

Choosing the right boat for your sailing charter can be simple as you really only need to think about four basic questions :

  • How many people?
  • How big of a boat?  – Does size matter?
  • What type of boat?  Monohull or Catamaran
  • How much do you want to spend?  – Luxury or budget?

Take a look at some suggestions for choosing a boat for your first sailing charter

How Many People Will You Sail With?

If you decide to take a quaint sailing vacation with just you and your significant other you might find that a small monohull is more than adequate for your sailing vacation. If your crew consists of children, mother-in-laws and sailing newbies you may want to consider a large catamaran that boasts space enough for everyone’s needs and personalities.

When you are taking more than your immediate family ask questions about the number of berths and the number of heads. Also, is your group the type that will need more or less privacy? Will kids share a berth or sleep in the salon? Spending a week on the boat? The need for space and privacy will be magnified if the group does not normally live in the same household.

Resources for Catamaran Sailors:

Charter Resources

  • Your First Charter Sailing Vacation Today bareboat chartering is the culmination of your sailing education. When you walk across the deck and get your sailing diploma you step on to the metaphorical boat of your future and you can sail it anywhere you want!
  • Charter Sailboat Resources Whether you have just begun to sail and have recently earned your ASA 101 certification or if you have already mastered ASA 114 and are a veteran of bareboat charters this resource should help you.
  • Bareboat Charter in the BVI Getting aboard your bareboat charter is the goal when you get your ASA sailing certifications. Where do you begin? For many, it is a sailing vacation in the British Virgin Islands.
  • Choosing a Charter Boat Company It’s time for you to set off on your own and explore endless shorelines and secluded coves. You have mapped out your plan and you have reserved your vacation time now all you need is a boat. How do you choose a charter company to rent a boat for a week?
  • Choosing The Right Boat for Your Sailing Charter When you decide to take a sailing vacation aboard a sailing vessel that you will call home for a week or two you’ll be surprised by just how much you think you need.
  • What Is Your Role on a Boat? Chartering overseas is on the bucket list of many a sailor, but making it happen comes with a stipulation or two. A sizable number of countries require an International Proficiency Certificate that lets them know the charterer is trained, qualified and prepared to take one of their boats out to sea.