Product Review: Gill Marine Gloves

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How often do you think about your hands while sailing?  Do you consistently wear gloves? Can you remember the first time a line raced through the palm of your hand and left you with a burning sensation that ruined your entire sail?

Gill Marine sent us a number of their new gloves to try out. What we found out was that a good glove feels like a part of your body.  The cliche “It fits like a glove” actually means something.

The gloves are definitely fit for a multitude of uses and wearing your favorite sailing gloves for just sailing might be selling them short.

These gloves were tested while sailing, at the dock, and while performing a few other activities such as kayaking and Stand Up Paddleboarding.  I will confess that we also attempted a playful, albeit aggressive game of tug of war.  One more thing, two pairs were tested during a spring skiing session and another participated in a snowball fight that ended with a wife irritated with a husband. One pair of gloves worked so well they were used while rock climbing and bike riding in addition to all of the other water-related activities.  

What I Like About Gill Marine Gloves

When my boys were young they would fight over a pair of Gill gloves and I never understood what the debate was about. They would change gloves mid sail as they darted around the marina on their Aqua Cat 14.  Those darn kids!

I understand now. All of the Gill Marine gloves we tested were comfortable and cut correctly to meet the needs of a sailors duties.  Be it yanking on a line or cranking on a winch these gloves not only offered protection but they also were comfortable. More importantly, the gloves are versatile and they allow for uses beyond sailing.


3 Season Gloves

Gill Marine 3 Seasons Glove


  • Dura-Grip fabric on palm
  • Lightweight neoprene construction for warmth when wet
  • Extended cuff length making it easier to tuck underneath neoprene layers

While they are touch screen compatible the finger tip is wider than your finger so it takes getting used to. You’ll be able to touch your navigation equipment but looking for details is a bit of a challenge. With that said, these gloves perform well wet or dry.  They feel like a pair of SCUBA gloves but the palms are cut like sailing gloves. Very comfortable for Stand Up Paddling if you are out in cold conditions. These gloves get warm while paddling so if you are kayaking and your hands tend to get wet these gloves are ideal.  

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Helmsman Gloves

Gill Marine Helmsman Glove


  • High performance waterproof and breathable Porelle membrane.
  • Thinsulate insulation traps warmth and remains effective even when damp
  • Dura-Grip fabric on palm
  • Softshell outer fabric with a water repellent finish
  • Touch screen capability

These gloves are warm and will keep your hands dry under most conditions. If you forget to cinch the drawcord that’s on you. These gloves are the best glove for heavy weather conditions. Did I mention they keep your hands warm?  We tested these gloves in a snowball fight and they never felt wet even under immense attack in deep wet snow.  While sailing, the fit works well for a glove that is bulkier than a typical glove. This is a glove that is designed for the coldest of conditions so keep that in mind.

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Championship Gloves

Gill Marine Championship Glove


  • “No seam” fingertips for improved dexterity
  • Reduced cuff length and rear volume adjustment eliminates bulk and increases wrist flex
  • Dura-Grip fabric on palm
  • 4 way stretch fabric across the back of the hand provides UV 50+ protection 
  • Water repellent
  • Available in short/long finger configurations
Gill Marine Championship Gloves
Gill Marine Championship Glove – Long finger and short finger

Put a paddle in your hand and let these gloves do all the work. These gloves are comfortable and very flexible no matter what activity you are doing. As a sailing glove, you’ll have protection from the lines and the dexterity to grip a winch, steer a tiller or haul a sail.  This is a versatile glove for every type of sailor. Fingertips are free for easier touch screen operation. I should mention these gloves did double as decent spring skiing gloves but they performed better as kayaking gloves. 

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Pro Gloves

Gill Marine Pro Gloves


  • Next generation Proton-Ultra XD palm and fingers
  • Notched finger construction with flex zones allows the natural articulation of fingers
  • 4 way stretch fabric across the back of the hand provides UV 50+ protection
  • Available in short/long finger configurations
Gill Marine Pro Glove- Long finger and short finger versions

These gloves feel softer yet more durable than the Championship gloves. The best way to describe this glove is to say that you would buy yourself the Pro Gloves but buy your teenage sailor the Championship Glove. Not because you love them any less but because the Pro glove is much nicer. Both gloves will perform well but if I am making the choice I am going with the Pro Glove over the Championship glove. The long finger seems more snug on the hand and generally a better fit however the short finger configuration gives you more tactile flexibility. 

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Deckhand Gloves

Gill Marine Deckhand Gloves


  • Offset finger seams remove pressure points and help reduce wear
  • Double layer Amara reinforcement won’t absorb or hold water and dries quickly
  • 4 way stretch fabric across the back of the hand provides UV 50+ protection
  • Water Repellent
Sailing Gloves
Gill Marine Deckhand Glove

Let me start by saying that these gloves are most likely my favorite of all the gloves I tried.  They are versatile and very comfortable.  Yes, I used them while sailing and I used them quite a bit. From holding the tiller to trimming the sails they are perfect all day sailing gloves when sailing in good weather. While on a Stand Up Paddle Board they feel like the best fit for holding a paddle. While kayaking they get wet and perform well, giving you ample grip even when moist.  To speak to the versatility of these gloves I also used them as belay gloves while rock climbing and they protected my hands great, with the open fingers allowing for all the carabiner work to come easily.  If I was the type of guy who wore gloves while driving I would wear these but I did wear them on a long bike ride and they pretty much do the job. The fingers might be a bit too long for handlebars but for a sailing glove that does everything, this is your best bet. 

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