Product Review: Gill Marine Tools

By: Equipment, Product Review

In an emergency, you need a tool that is fit for the job, easily accessible, and efficient.  The Gill Marine Tools are compact and easy to store on your PFD for quick access.

Gear is not just a guy thing. We all desire tools that are well designed and built for a purpose.  Introducing the Gill Marine Tools. You can’t just buy one. You need three. They look great. They fit your hand and perform well.  

Every one of these marine tools serves an important safety purpose on a boat. If you need a quick-cutting tool these small, compact and affordable tools are a must for any sailor.

These Gill Marine Tools were tested while sailing, at the dock, and while performing a few other activities such as cutting through cardboard boxes ( for no reason) and Marine water exhaust hoses.  I was able to cut through a bike tube and hockey tape. (don’t we all tape our hockey sticks on a boat?)

Gill Marine Tool


  • Multiple tools in one device
  • A marlin spike for rope work
  • Easy one-hand operation even while wet 

You can connect this to a belt or your PFD for quick access. The serrated knife is sharp enough to cut a line or a harness. We used the Marine Tool to cut through marine tubing and it will work if you have an emergency and this is the only tool available.  It will open a bottle, work as a screwdriver and easily cut twine or thin line.  The marlin spike comes in handy when attempting to access the spots between knots that hinder your efficiency when working with ropes on the boat.  If we are really shallow, this is a tool that any gear head will need. It looks and feels like a piece of professional equipment.  It’s so nice I think you should buy it twice! 

Gill Marine Tool $39.95

Harness Rescue Tool


  • Compact easy to use
  • Sharp webbing cutter
  • Quick cutting shackle cutting feature

Any offshore sailor will tell you that the ability to free oneself from an emergency situation in a timely fashion is critical. This Harness Rescue Tool easily attaches to your PFD and can quickly be accessed for a quick cut.  Lightweight and small this tool is strong and sturdy. The handle fits well in your handle and does not slip when wet. It will cut as we found when cutting through webbing and rope. It especially handled thick nylon with ease.

Harness Rescue Tool $22.95 

Personal Rescue Knife


  • Sharp and compact
  • Locking blade
  • Works well in wet conditions

This simple knife works well in all situations when a cutting tool is necessary on a boat.  We cut through duct tape, marine tubing, a wet suit and ropes all with ease. It is compact enough to wear on a belt or on your PFD.

Personal Rescue Knife  $34.95