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The Ocean Quiz

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Do we really know how much plastic is on our ocean? We love to sail but do we know enough about what is beneath the surface of the water that we enjoy? Take this quick quiz on what lies beneath the surface as well as what gets into the ocean.

  • Where Does Your Storm Drain Empty?
    1. Tiny elves clean the water and it goes right back into circulation You didn’t really think that was right, did you?
    2. Storm drain waste is treated and released back into our wetlands, waterways and oceansWrongo! Sounds like something out of a textbook but we invented that answer out of thin air!
    3. Pool water at the local recreation centerNot correct. Fancy sounding answer but not at all right…
    4. What flows into a storm drain heads to the oceanWe knew you’d know!
  • How Many Species Live in The Ocean?
    1. UnknownYes yes!
    2. 1,953Not even close!
    3. 5 BillionThat’s a lot, but the right answer is actually even higher!
    4. 223,678Afraid not.

  • How Much Trash Is Dumped Into Our Oceans on a Yearly Basis?
    1. 1,400,000,000 Pounds (billion)Sad, but true.
    2. 1,400,000 Pounds (million)Uhhh, no.
    3. 140,000 PoundsNot even close, we are some dumping a lot of trash.
    4. 1,400 PoundsMaybe one person, not an entire population.
  • Where Can You Empty Your Holding Tanks?
    1. It is okay to empty in the marina as the local wildlife enjoys feeding on human waste.While you are at it just dump motor oil in the water as well. So wrong!
    2. Emptying your holding tank just outside the marina is allowed as long as you are using biodegradable toilet paper.No, that waste will just wash up on our beaches.
    3. You are required to keep your holding tank full at all times in order to make sure nobody wants to use your head.Better than dumping, but not better than pumping out.
    4. Federal law allows for disposing of untreated waste as long as you are in the ocean and 3 miles from shore.Yes, this is correct. However, pumping out is good too.

  • How Long Does a Plastic Bottle That Is Dumped in the Ocean Last?
    1. 4 yearsWe would not have a such a serious problem if this was the case
    2. 40 yearsNo, that’s a long time, but it’s still not long enough.
    3. 450 YearsYes, long after you are gone that plastic bottle will still be drifting in the ocean.
    4. 4 DaysNow, you are not even trying.
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