The Charter Quiz

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Do you have the urge to put your sailing education to use on a bareboat charter? Are you considering a crewed charter? Test your knowledge with this quick and fun charter quiz to give you some of ideas during the planning process of your sailing vacation.

  • What size boat should you rent for your bareboat charter?
    1. The biggest boat possible because bigger is better You didn’t really think that was right, did you?
    2. Go small. Get cozy on deck with your crew, after all, a week together should be about really getting to know each other.Wrong! Size does matter just not the way you think it does.
    3. Save money and go with the cheapest boat possible. If it floats you’ll be fine.Not correct. Safety first!
    4. Consider the number of people going on the charter as well as the experience of the captain. A bigger boat requires more manpower and experience. Space and privacy should be considered as well. We knew you’d know!
  • How much water should you expect to use while on a bareboat charter?
    1. Approximately 5 gallons per person per day including all water usage.
      Yes yes!
    2. Half gallon per day per personNo. Do you get behind your ears while showering?
    3. 15-minute showers, 5 minutes brushing of teeth, 3 restroom visits, 8 glasses to drinkWrong. That’s a lot. Drink more water and shower less!
    4. Your body uses less water on a boat so there is no need to worry about water usage when you are surrounded by water. Wrong. Although don’t tell me wife that.
  • Where should your first bareboat sailing charter destination be?
    1. Choose a destination such as the British Virgin Islands where navigation is easier and winds are more predictable. Also, support services are readily available throughout the chain of islands.Yes. It’s a vacation so make it easy to handle.
    2. Challenge yourself by choosing a location that is unfamiliar to you and that requires you to utilize all of your sailing skills and more.Uhhh, no.
    3. Consider rounding Cape Horn and scratch that off your bucket list.Not even close, plus, imagine the money you would spend on rain gear.
    4. Put a dinghy on a trailer and pick the five best lakes in the country, your crew will thank you when they get to see your sailing skills from the back seat of a car.
      No, you might enjoy that but the backseat is a brutal vacation spot.
  • Why Choose a Bareboat Charter Instead of a Crewed Charter?
    1. You want to select a crew that will cater to your every need so that your charter experience will be better than a crewed charter.
      Do not invite people on a bareboat charter expecting them to cater to you. They are on vacation.
    2. You are a control freak and no matter where you sail you should be the captain and people need to know that.
      No, but do you know some sailors like that?
    3. You have uniforms for your crew picked out and you know that on your cruise the staff will win the dance contest on the Lido deck.Wrong, but that would be fun to watch.
    4. You have the confidence and experience to lead your own charter. You also like the flexibility to decide on every aspect of the charter.Correct. You are confident and an educated sailor who is ready for a bareboat charter.
  • You are ready to provision for your charter. How much stuff do you need?
    1. Have the charter company order everything, they have done this before, just give them your credit card number and forget about it.
      While not entirely wrong you want to think through your provisions list so as to not have too much on board.
    2. Don’t buy anything before hand. Do you really think you would rather eat your own cooking instead of stopping into some friendly beach bar for live lobster?
      No. You will need some food on the boat even if you can’t cook.
    3. Consider how many people will be on board and factor in how many meals you want to have onshore. Also, factor anchorages that may not have any services. While you should have enough food to not have to worry about eating you should also realize that part of the bareboat experience is taking the dinghy into town to find a great restaurant to enjoy the local culture and cuisine. Yes, proper planning is best.
    4. Just get beer.Well…not completely the wrong idea but you will need more than liquid calories, right?
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