Product Review: The Boat Medic First Aid Kit by My Medic

By: Equipment, Product Review

We don’t aim to get injured while sailing but when you have the MyMedic first aid kit handy it’s as if you think, “long falls and sharp objects seem like a good challenge.” 

While we are joking about that. The My Medic first aid kit should give you some peace of mind.

Go ahead. Use that dull knife to cut a piece of rope.

Safety on the ocean is of paramount importance to every sailor and an ASA sailing education gets you out safely and confidently. A My Medic first aid kit fills in when the unexpected injury occurs during a daysail or a weekend cruise.

The My Medic First Aid Kit was reviewed differently than you would a typical sailing product.   ASA went through the kit to check for its contents and utilized a number of items.  We asked two ASA instructors and one school teacher who deals with plenty of “ouchies” what they would add. All three were satisfied with the kit.  The Kit ASA received for review has since been updated and now includes a significant upgrade in the number of items.  You can see what is inside here.  The kit was floated off the back of a kayak and dropped from the deck to the cockpit, accidentally, on a couple of occasions.  No sailors were harmed while testing this product.

Boat Medic by My Medic

The Boat Medic is a waterproof first aid kit that is ideal for sailors. First, this thing is a solid, airtight piece of equipment that survived a day of big wind and serious healing.  The Boat Medic took a tumble around my boat on the day we took it out for a test spin.  Now, you don’t really review a first aid kit by getting hurt but before we arrived for a test sail we had already used some ibuprofen, a fingertip bandage, and the tweezers.  The ibuprofen for my wife and the tweezers helped me get a long splinter out of my fingertip. 

You really never know when you are going to need a first aid kit.

Features of the Boat Medic:

  • Sink Proof, Crush Proof, Dust Proof
  • Hand-picked supplies by first responders and medical professionals
  • Dual Action Clips to eliminate accidental openings
  • Automatic Pressure Valve that keeps air equalized for maximum buoyancy.

The Specs:

  • Height: 12.5 in
  • Width: 10 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Weight 3lbs 7oz

The Price:

Boat Medic Waterproof First Aid Kit: $199.95. ASA Members save 20% on My Medic products.

The Boat Medic is comprised of a well-organized and versatile kit that provides aid for most injuries that you might incur while on a sailing vessel. Some components that are not often found in simple first aid kits include quality sheers for cutting through clothing, tweezers for delicate work, and a rapid tourniquet to aid in stopping arterial bleeding.  

What We Like About the Boat Medic

  • Hydration items are a must-have on boats.  This kit has two hydration packs and 2 water purification packs.  Add in the Dramamine and it covers your occasionally seasick sailor.
  • Penlight, tweezer, thermometer and parachord. The little things make a difference in an emergency.
  • The spacious carrying case allows for the addition of other vital items. The case is also very durable and ideal for life aboard a sailboat.

What We Would Add To This First Aid Kit:

  • We would add more painkilling medications as well as upset stomach aids.  
  • There could be more bandages of varying sizes
  • Cloth tape could be added. (the sample ASA received did not have tape but newer versions do)

ASA recommends having a quality first aid kit on board your vessel and the Boat Medic is a superior option.

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