American Sailing Association Releases New Brand and Exciting Partnership with Stars & Stripes 87 Restoration Project

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Jonathan Payne
American Sailing Association

American Sailing Association Releases New Brand and Exciting Partnership with Stars & Stripes 87 Restoration Project

Annapolis, MD: Today the American Sailing Association (ASA) made two historic announcements at the U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland. The sailing association announced its new brand and that it has changed its  name to “American Sailing”, dropping the “Association” from its moniker. Speaking to the changes, Jonathan Payne (CMO) said, “Since the founding of the ASA in 1983 we have grown into more than an association. ASA is now the premiere and largest sailing education authority in the world, as well as a sports brand having taught almost 600,000 people to sail through its over 400 schools worldwide. Our students become master sailors and instructors and hold on to our brand for their entire sailing careers. Now addressing a younger demographic as well as the traditional sailing community by simplifying the company’s name to American Sailing allows it to continue to grow its offerings without feeling constrained by the term association.” The company plans to still use the acronym “ASA” as a nod to its nearly 40 year history in sailing.

As well as the launch of its new brand, American Sailing is also proudly announcing its partnership as a founding sponsor with The New York Harbor Sailing Foundation to restore Stars & Stripes 87, the most famous 12 meter racing yacht of them all. The boat reclaimed the America’s Cup and brought “the Oldest Trophy” in sport back from Australia, a peak moment in American sailing history. The team was given a ticker-tape parade on Wall Street, invited to the White House to meet President Reagan, and featured on the cover of Time magazine. Stars and Stripes 87 reclaimed the cup with the world watching. She now is in need of a serious restoration after falling victim to Hurricane Irma in 2017.

Headed by Michael Fortenbaugh of the NY Harbor Sailing Foundation, the project will undertake the daunting task of repairing the racing legend that suffered damages in the Caribbean. “I immediately found a way that American Sailing could get involved with the project when Michael reached out,” said American Sailing Chairman Lenny Shabes. “Stars & Stripes 87 represents everything that America can accomplish at its best.”

“The ASA was one of our first phone calls in searching for partners to help lead America with this restoration,” said Michael Fortenbaugh, Executive Director of the New York Harbor Sailing Foundation. “Their reach into the sailing community is very large and they can encourage all Americans to get behind this project.” The Foundation and Shabes plan to use their organizations to call on average Americans for donations to help restore the boat. “This is America’s Most Famous Yacht and it is important that all America come together to restore her,” says Fortenbaugh. “If anyone can get news of the restoration out to the sailing community, it’s American Sailing,” added Shabes.

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