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What Type of Boat Is This Quiz

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We hear it all the time, “that’s a beautiful boat” but what do they really mean? Does anyone even know that all sailboats are not equal?

Take this quiz and you’ll find out if you know what you have been sailing on.

  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Snoop Shnizzle and the fizzle, we don’t know what that means but Snoop Dog is not a boat.
    2. Sloop You have seen one of these before right? Sloops are all the rage and if you think about it, they might be more popular than Snoop.A sloop rig is a boat with a single-mast and a fore and aft sail configuration. Sloops date back to the early 17th century but didn’t really become popular until the 20th century. The likely reason for their popularity is their ability to effectively head up wind and how relatively simple they are to control – great for short-handing.What is a Sloop?
    3. Ketch Didn’t Ketch that one right
    4. Cat You have seen a feline before, right?
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Scowl Wrong, that is the look you get when you call this boat by the improper name. Get it right!
    2. Yawl Wrong, As in Yawl are wrong.
    3. Ketch Correct – Ketch rigs hold a special place in many a cruising sailor’s heart. There’s something dignified and majestic about them. They are two masted rigs with a main mast and a (smaller) mizzenmast that is set in front of the rudder post – they carry a jib just like a sloop. Generally, ketches will be in the 40-plus foot range. The reasoning for this is that before sailing hardware and gizmotology (yes, we invented a word) was as advanced as it is now, designers were looking for ways to carry a good amount of sail, but make it manageable at the same time. This configuration served that purpose and while doing so also gave sailors quite a few options for various weather conditions and situations.
      What is a Ketch?
    4. Cutter Wrong, although I can see how you might be mistaken considering…wait, no clues for upcoming questions.
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Junk Wrong. Next time use your inside voice when you get one wrong, nobody needs to hear about the results.
    2. Brimport Wrong. We made that up but you can see what we were going for, right?
    3. Sloop Wrong.You really can’t choose sloop for every question.
    4. Schooner Correct. By definition, a schooner is a sailboat with at least two masts, with the forward mast (foremast) being a bit shorter than the main mast. Although a schooner can have more than two masts, most were just two. During the time of their popularity this smaller and better upwind set up allowed for a more efficient and manageable sailboat. It was the preferred choice of pirates, privateers, slaveship captains and others.
      What is a Schooner?
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. A Double Wrong. But I’ll take a double, I’m already tied up at the dock.
    2. Sloop Wrong. The object is to get a few right.
    3. Yawl Correct. Like, the ketch a yawl is equipped with two masts, a main and a mizzen, but ordinarily on a yawl, the mast is smaller and set behind the rudder post. This, therefore, beckons the question: is this an efficient and practical rig?
      What is a Yawl?
    4. Schooner Wrong. The guy at the boatyard is named Scooter, but we always call him Schooner. I that why you got it wrong?
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Yawl Wrong. I guess you missed the last questions as well.
    2. Ketch Wrong. You cannot ketch a break
    3. Jerri Wrong. We just call it that because our friend Jerri has one. She is beautiful. The boat that is. Yes, Jerri is attractive but we really were talking about the boat.
    4. Cutter-Rigged Sloop Correct. A variation on the the Cutter Rig. Although it has gone through some changes through the course of history, the modern cutter rig is generally a set-up with two headsails. The forward sail is called the yankee and the one slightly behind it is the staysail.
      What is a Cutter?
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Garfield Wrong. You see what we did there? We’ll give you a second.
    2. Cutter Wrong. Not even close
    3. Cat Correct. Typically speaking, a cat rig is a single mast situated well forward, near the bow, which carries a large single sail and has no standing rigging, sometimes referred to as “unstayed.” An Optimist, Laser or Sabot are common (smaller) examples of a cat rig, but many bigger boats utilize the set-up.
      What is a Cat?
    4. Junk Wrong . You really have to be better about being judgemental. The boat is bought and paid for, of course it could use a little bottom paint but she sails like a dream.
  • What type of sailboat is this?
    1. Junk Correct. There’s probably no rig more fascinating than the junk rig. Long before Columbus’ time, early as the 10th century, the Chinese were making their way through the oceans with a rig that has amazingly stood the test of the time. There are many who feel that this very old but very innovative sail plan is superior to the more popular and ubiquitous sloop rig and others.
      What is a Junk?
    2. Sloop Wrong. If you are a bit confused we understand.
    3. Caboose Wrong – Not sure how you could be so wrong. Go to the train page not the sailboat site.
    4. Schooner Wrong. Do you want us to give you a minute so that you can take this thing again?
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