American Sailing Favorite Stories of 2021

By: American Sailing Association

The year raced by and we barely had time to stop and take some time to reread our content.  These are the top stories from our ASA content creators as well as some stories that we just loved.

2022 will bring new adventures with sailing charters around the world and expanded learning opportunities.  For now, take a look at some of the stories we loved from 2021.

ASA Sailor Saves a Woman Adrift Off Los Angeles

“The next thing that he sees, or thinks that he sees, just above the surface, is a human hand amidst the dolphins’ frolic. Then, sailing closer, Khosrow spotted the pale shape of a young woman with black hair. She was nude and barely afloat. Without skipping a beat, Khosrow’s ASA training automatically kicked into gear…”

Exploring the Chesapeake Bay

The Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the United States; the third-largest in the world.  It runs nearly 200 miles long and including all its tributaries is only an average of 21 feet deep.  Formed millions of years ago by the flooding of the Susquehanna River during the melting of the ice in the Ice Age, the rich history of the Chesapeake has been shaped by the explorers, Native Americans, colonists, and watermen who made a sustainable life working on the water. 

What Is Your Favorite Boat Music?

Does music make your sailing day better? Do you have a set playlist? Do you listen to a specific genre? This story about sailing music was our most commented 0n story this year both on social media and on the website. People love their music.

2020 Outstanding Instructors

This Award honors the top 1% percent of all active status ASA Instructors as determined by Instructor Surveys that are submitted by their students. Of the 2405 Instructors in 2020 who had active status, 980 taught at least one ASA class and thereby became eligible for this ASA Award. Last year was unusual. Accordingly, ASA has decided to honor more Instructors than is customary. 

How Big is the Ocean?

For many of us, the idea of perfection is defined by a day on the water. We leave the dock, raise the sails, and point the bow in a direction that efficiently utilizes wind energy. The hull of our boat is designed to assist in the movement through the water. The sail shape helps with harnessing the wind. The rudder manages our direction. 

Sailing is science. 

ASA at the 2021 U.S. Sailboat Show in Annapolis

The 51st annual United States Sailboat Show was held there 14-18 Oct 2021 and ASA had a large, splashy presence. The 157-foot, three-masted schooner Arabella, easily the largest vessel in this year’s Show, served as ASA’s “booth” and base of operations. Despite a couple of days of high winds and a line of squalls, just over 5000 people braved the weather and made their way to tour Arabella and to learn about ASA and its affiliated schools.

Is Sailing Stressful?

What part of a Daysail is the most stressful for you? The daysail is a common activity for every sailor. Whether you are headed to your own boat, part of a sailing club, or have a generous friend who allows you to tag along there are general stress factors that contribute to your planning process.

Learning To Sail Is Just The Beginning

Do you remember the first time you were on a sailboat? What captured your interest –  was it the wind in the sails, the sound of the water or the feeling of the tiller in your hand?  What captured your imagination?  The idea of daysails with your friends, visiting faraway shores or escaping your life and seeing the world from your sailboat?

Sailing Inspiration: Puget Sound Sailing Institute

“My Instructor for ASA 104 was Mike Rice. I had heard that Mike was the owner of Puget Sound Sailing and an amazing Instructor, but I was not prepared for the actual experience of being in his class. Every student at PSSI has access to a PowerPoint presentation video that I could watch over and over multiple times along with studying the ASA textbook. Both have proven invaluable to my comfort level and success. While all my PSSI Instructors, Karl Kraber and Michael Johnston, were very knowledgeable and professional, I can see why they all consider Mike Rice to be the standard to follow”.

Modern Sailing Success Stories

Modern Sailing School in Sausalito has been in operation since 1983 and has certified hundreds of sailors. Their instructors regularly are showered with praise from new sailors who have learned to sail on San Francisco Bay.

Do you need the inspiration to learn to sail or to advance your sailing education? Shuffle through some of these endorsements of the sailing education at Modern Sailing.