7 Spots To See With Cruise Abaco

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If you are looking for the ideal beach getaway with a combination of sailing and sightseeing, Abaco might be what you are looking for. 

ASA school Cruise Abaco offers a unique “Captained by Day, Bareboat by Night” ® program which allows the Captain/Instructor to sail and instruct, stopping to snorkel a reef or visit a settlement and then each night leaving guests with privacy of the vessel to themselves in a different location moored, anchored or docked.

Take a look at 7 spots to visit with Cruise Abaco

Wild, swimming pig on Big Majors Cay in The Bahamas.

No Name Cay aka “Piggyvillle” as named by locals because you can feed the swimming pigs. Have a bite to eat at a great restaurant/bar called Big O’s while you are there. 

Snorkeling at Fowl Cay Underwater Park, it is well known for its reefs and three 25′ to 40′ snorkel/dive spots in pristine water. 

Sandy Cay lies within the Pelican Cays sea-park and is yet another unique snorkeling site. Home to both southern stingrays and spotted eagle rays, and famous for its large elkhorn coral forest

Hopetown is home to the famous only existing kerosene oil-burning candy-striped lighthouse left in the world. Visit the museum and shops, or just hit the beach! 

Green Turtle Cay is a loyalist historical settlement. The historic village of New Plymouth is located here, settled by Loyalists in 1783, is named after New Plymouth in Massachusetts. 

Man O War Cay is the boat-building capital of the islands.

Little Harbour is home to Pete’s Pub,  Pete’s is a classic beach restaurant/pub and the only working sculpture foundry in the Bahamas. World-famous for nature and oceanic-inspired large sculptures, jewelry and more. The famous art of Pete Johnston and an actual bronze casting working foundry on site.

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