Product Review: Nomadix Towel

By: Partners, Product Review

Don’t judge me but I used this towel for three weeks without washing it.  Sometimes you have to sacrifice in order to get a full idea of what a product can do. 

Before we get into the thick of it, let me explain that I have had a second Nomadix towel in a drybag, on my boat for more than a week and it has not developed the typical “boat smell” that so many of my damp belongings get.  I had to start this product review with this simple fact because I fully expected to get back to my boat and find that “wet towel” smell filtering throughout the cabin.

That didn’t happen and it makes me very happy. 

I will wash the Nomadix towel before I use it again, but it was important to see how much it could take. 

As for the towel at home.  I finally washed it because I should and because my wife was slightly disgusted with the thought of me going so long without tossing the Nomadix Towel in the laundry.  Apparently, she forgot who I was while in college. My college-aged son is currently looking to add an entire collection of Nomadix towels to his apartment.

If nothing else, the Nomadix towel is designed for travel and adventure but it doubles as an everyday towel in such a way that I would say that this is the best towel I have ever owned.

Now for the details.

Why You’ll Love the Nomadix Towel

  • It is compact and it fits in my carry-on luggage but it is a full-size towel. This is not a tiny speck of material that you can barely wipe down a counter top with. This is a real towel. 30” x 72”. It packs down to 3.5” x 7”. It is practically weightless at 16oz.
  • The Nomadix Towel absorbs on a level that you may not be accustomed to. I am positive that if I used this towel to wash my car I would never have to wring it out. (I would never use it to wash my car) It easily handles my 6’ foot frame and never feels soaked. I used the towel after a drop into the water from a SUP.  Straight in and straight out to using the towel.  A typical towel needs you shake off some water like a border collie but the Nomadix quickly and efficiently dried me off.
  • The Nomadix Towel dries super fast.  At home two showers in one day and my usual towels get funky because they simply never dry off. This towel dries faster than cotton.  When hung on the lifelines of my sailboat it dried off in about an hour under a february sunny sky. 
  • It does not stink. Believe me when I tell you that I tried to get this towel to develop an odor. It didn’t happen.  I am sure that if I wrap a fish in the towel and leave it on the dock it may get some funk but under normal wear you will not experience the stink.
  • The towel is big enough to use on the beach and it repels sand. It packs well, it dries fast and it looks great.

Features of the Nomadix Towel:

  • Made From Post-Consumer Recycled Materials
  • MicroTerry Fabric
  • Lightweight & Packs Down Small
  • Sand-Resistant, Pet Hair Resistant, Odor-Resistant
  • Moisture Activated Slip Resistance
  • Super Absorbent yet Quick-Drying

Should You Buy This Towel?

Yes. You need this towel on your boat, in your carry-on, and in your home. The next time you go on a charter I can guarantee that you will need this towel. If you have college-aged children you should buy them a couple of these towels because you know full well that they do not do laundry often enough.   As a sailor, you need this towel on your boat because they do not take up a lot of space and a few of these will tuck away and not add to the clutter. 

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Nomadix is a socially responsible company that is making great products while helping the environment. The towels are made of post-consumer recycled materials. American Sailing is partnering with Nomadix because they are a company that is doing their part to make a difference in our world. Their partners include The Conservation Alliance, The Ecology Center, and Surfrider Foundation just to name a few.