5 Indulgences to Start the Upcoming Sailing Season

Treat Yourself – The Sailing Stuff You Need to Start the Season

By: Cruising Tips

Oh lordy – the birds are chirpin’, the snow’s melted and that boat is ready to gallop around for another spring and summer (at least). Here’s a list of some presents to get yourself and your lovely to make it a more pleasant sailing season. Feel free to add to this list of little indulgences.

5 Somewhat Unnecessary Indulgences to Start the Upcoming Season

  1. New Fenders and Docklines
    Yes, what you have works fine, but there is something about walking up to the boat and seeing new fenders and docklines that just makes the world seem like a better place. Yes you can clean them, but no you don’t want to. Sure, you will go to the chandlery and be shocked that fenders cost what they do, but it’s okay, pull the trigger and start the season with this clean fresh feeling.  It might also be a good idea to watch this video to learn how to hang them ASA’s Docking Made Easy – Fender Video 
  1. PFDs to be proud of!
    Maybe this hasn’t happened to you but it’s a lousy feeling when you hand a guest, maybe a friend’s kid, a dingy, stained, old timey PFD that has lived in a seldom used locker for the last 100-years. The kid’s face says it all when his dad tells him he has to wear the weird gross orange thing. Not only are you bumming him out for the day, it’s that moment when he realizes sailing is not for him. Pick up some clean new PFDs that don’t look goofy – this way everyone is safe, happy and not feeling like they actually want to fall off the boat so they are no longer seen.
  1. New head and hoses
    Wipe the slate clean! We don’t want to admit it but you know…It doesn’t smell like a “boat” it smells like something else. Monkeying with plumbing isn’t all that fun, but if you get it out of the way now and replace all that has to do with our digestive systems you will be happy. A weird smelling boat is one of those things people forgive, but it’s so nice to not have to be forgiven.
  1. A new knife
    A good knife is an essential part of a sailor’s batman belt but in a saltwater environment, things can get a bit rusty and sticky, especially if they’ve been left alone for a while. You may have a favorite knife that’s irreplaceable and if that’s the case, yes, soak it, oil it, sharpen it, fix it, but if it’s not near and dear, grab a new one that has some new feature that the old one didn’t have. The Wichard knives can cut through Dyneema and there’s a couple of Leatherman knives out there that you could use to build a house. The Myerchin Sailor’s Tool has a good knife as well as other useful tools a sailor might need. Get a new knife, it’s great. Take a look at some Gill Marine tools that we reviewed.
  1. A new toolbox
    It was pretty cool when you bought it, but now it’s grimy, the latch looks suspect, and it really isn’t big enough for all the tools and spares you’ve collected. Besides, there are newer designs now with trays and drawers and ways to organize that you know will make your life happier. A toolbox should be the headquarters for positive change not a sad disaster area of loose metric sockets and an overused adjustable wrench. Where did that tree bark come from??? Yeah, hit the hardware store and treat yourself to something that suits who you are and what you do – it’s worth what it costs.

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