How To Sail a Boat

By: Learn To Sail

There is a cloak of mystery that surrounds sailing. You might be on a picturesque beach and you see a sailboat off in the distance or you might be in a marina and you notice how the wind gently moves a schooner across the water. It makes you wonder, How To Sail A Boat?

Sailing a boat is part art and part skill but few activities offer such a variety of pleasures as sailing. Something special occurs when you cast off the lines and leave your cares at the dock. While technology dictates so much of our lives these days, sailing is still fundamentally the same as it always has been. You, the sailor, relying on your feel and mother nature helping you along with wind and water. Sailing a boat is easier than you think.

While you are fantasizing about sailing the seven seas in your own private yacht, getting over the initial hurdle of learning how to sail a boat is as easy as taking a lesson or doing a little research.

What You Will Learn in ASA 101

ASA Can Quickly Get You Started on How to Sail a Boat:

  • Take our free online sailing course – it’s easy and fun and you’ll learn all about the world of sailing, one that some see as a sport and others choose as a lifestyle.
  • Download the ASA Sailing Challenge App and you’ll be on a virtual boat sailing your own vessel almost instantaneously. While playing a simple game you’ll learn some basic principles required to learn the art of sailing. Can you learn how to sail a boat from an app? Well, yes and no.
  • Find a sailing school near you and take a beginning sailing course. ASA 101 teaches you the basics of sailing and gets you well on your way to sailing your own boat.

What Else Will You Need to Know to Sail a Boat?

The Language of Sailing
You should know a few sailing terms so bone up on the language of sailing with these sailing terms that everyone should know. You will now refer to things as being on the port side and you’ll question if that rope is really a rope or if it is a line. The language of sailing is your calling card into the sailing club!

The Points of Sail
You’ll need to know where you will be going so use our handy quick guide to the Points of Sail.

Points of Sail Diagram

Learning the points of sail, and how the sails look and the boat feels on each one, is fundamental to becoming a competent sailor.

Some Handy Tips for The Beginning Sailor
You can take a look at some of these beginner tips on how to sail a boat from Sailing Made Easy, The Official Manual for the ASA Basic Keelboat Sailing Course.

Tie a Knot
Every sailor knows how to tie a few knots so learning a few should be on your “How To Sail a Boat” checklist. Take a look at our Knots Made Easy videos to learn some basic knots that all sailors use.

Bite-Sized Lessons
Scroll through our bite-sized lessons to give you a better understanding of some of the other skills and terms that you might utilize as you learn to sail a boat.

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