Destination Learning: Where to Travel To Learn to Sail

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If you have been on the fence about learning to sail because you feel like you don’t have the time, have you considered the thought of a vacation specifically for learning to sail?  Yes, learn to sail while you are on vacation. American Sailing schools can be found in destinations around the world and quite a few are in those picturesque spots that you have always wanted to see.  

Do it, combine your desire to learn to sail with a vacation and you’ll get much more out of your vacation.

Use our Find a School page to find a school in the destination you desire or take a look at some of our suggestions.

Learn to Sail in Rhode Island

Rhode Island, the tiniest state in the Union, is known as the Ocean State – as it is blessed with 400 miles of coastline where you will find countless nooks and crannies, and dozens of picturesque New England harbor towns to tuck in and explore.  Narragansett Bay is a world-class sailing mecca that is blessed with consistent sea breezes most afternoons and calm cool nights that make for good sleeping aboard.   At the heart of Narragansett Bay, you will find Newport, RI – one of three major sailing hubs along the US East Coast. Learn more about sailing in Rhode Island

Learn to Sail in Seattle

Take a moment and breathe in the crisp air on Puget Sound. Feel the wind as it moves across the water and through your hair. Mount Baker in the distance, Victoria to the north, and the Pacific Ocean beyond a series of islands heading out west. For the lover of the outdoors, the Pacific Northwest is the ultimate playground of lush green forests and deep blue ocean that is alive with wildlife. Learn more about sailing in Seattle

Learn to Sail in Hawaii

Sail Hawaii, HI - ASA Certified Sailing School

The first time you move across the channel between Maui and Molokai you are introduced to the tradewinds that blow over the West Maui Mountains. The sailboat heels over and you move across the channel with purpose. It’s a wet ride. Most visitors to Hawaii experience a taste of sailing on these waters via a sunset cruise with plenty of Mai Tais or a snorkel adventure where the goal is to spot a sea turtle. There is more to sailing in Hawaii than the typical tours you find at the concierge desk. Learn more about sailing in Hawaii

Learn to Sail in the Florida Keys

Let’s go straight for the cliches and talk about the Conch Republic and a salty life and toss in flip-flops while you are at it. In a world away from everywhere the Florida Keys stands out as an outpost for the rest of us. The Florida Keys calls to people who would rather disregard responsibility and embrace the sensibility of not being sensible. Learn more about sailing in the Florida Keys

Learn to Sail in San Diego

Sailing In San Diego

You want to learn to sail so why not pick a convenient destination to take your sailing courses? San Diego is the ideal location to visit because you can mix in your ocean adventures with some sightseeing and some cultural sites. Throw in a visit to a wild animal park and sample some craft beers and you can easily see why a sailing vacation in Southern California’s other beach city is the spot to choose to work on your sailing education. Learn more about sailing in San Diego

Learn to Sail on the Great Lakes

At over 95,000 square miles, The Great Lakes make up the largest body of freshwater on the planet. Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie and Lake Michigan comprise over 10,000 miles of seashore and include over 34,000 islands.  These interconnected bodies of water are a haven for water enthusiasts and a haven for boaters. Sailors find an assortment of anchorages and itineraries available for even the most experienced cruisers. Learn more about sailing in the Great Lakes

Learn to Sail in the British Virgin Islands

You’ll leap off the bow and feel the warm water. It is not as refreshing as you would like because the water is warm but it is invigorating. The crystal clear water will envelop you and when you surface, you’ll look back at the boat. Your sense of accomplishment will come from understanding that you can sail that vessel. Your time spent learning to sail in the British Virgin Islands will afford you the ability to dream of one day being able to do it alone. Learn more about sailing in the British Virgin Islands