Product Review: Ronstan Rope Bag, Winch Handle Pocket & Drink Holder

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I don’t enjoy admitting this, but I am a messy sailor. I don’t always coil the lines correctly, and my knots don’t look as good as they should. In addition, my cockpit lacks organization, and when I look through some of the compartments on my boat, I start to rethink if I have what it takes to be called a sailor. 

After all, aren’t sailors fastidious and meticulously neat? Aren’t your lines always supposed to be in order?

Luckily for me, Ronstan has identified my flaw and is helping. So, this month we are looking at Ronstan rope bags, winch handle holders, and drink holders. 

Ronstan might be on to something when it comes to organizing a sailor’s space and the function of a sailboat cockpit.

What I Like About The Ronstan Sailing Accessories

Ease of Installation.

For the longest time, I avoided the idea of rope bags because I did not want to drill holes in my boat to attach the bags. I own a drill. I am not good with power tools. I believe that a vessel does not need a few more holes drilled into it. With that said, when I opened the package containing the Ronstan Rope Bags, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I would not need a power tool for this review. 

The Ronstan Rope Bags, Winch Handle Holders, and Drink Holders all have a self-adhesive attached to the bag. So, you find a location, clean it off and install your new gear in a few minutes. The simple task is a huge bonus to those who do not want to alter our boats or hire someone to bring their power tools to our boats. 

3M Adhesive used to secure the Ronstan Winch Handle Holder

I quickly removed the adhesive backing and placed the bag where I wanted it. It adhered, and I was all set. The ease of installation is a big deal for me.

The Look

The Ronstan bags are designed to both function properly and look good. The mesh panels in black contrast well with the white gel coat on my boat, and the grey color is not an eyesore in the cockpit. So often, we sailors are conflicted when having to add a flashy piece of equipment. My boat is older and has a classic feel. It does not need a dashing brilliance of color; it needs subdued elegance. Gray and black do that. The Ronstan Bags look like they belong in the cockpit of a cruising sailboat rather than on a racing boat.

The Ronstan Rope Bags handle the workload well. I should have opted for a larger size, but I was concerned about having a huge bag in the cockpit. Nevertheless, the bag and adhesive hold up well to the constant stuffing and unstuffing when underway. The elastic ties keep your lines secure when the rope is stuffed inside. The bag drains well when the inevitable splash of water comes over the top during a big wind day. The bag is soft enough that it does not rub any part of your body as you race around the deck but is sturdy enough to feel like you could punish it a bit. These bags come in multiple sizes.

Rope Bag, Grey PVC/Mesh, Wide ($74.05 – $90.11) BUY NOW

The Ronstan Winch Handle Holders are a bit large and take some getting used to.  Once installed, they looked odd to me. However, their size allows them to function better than a small pouch. The handle moves in and out effortlessly. If you go to grab for a handle quickly, it will not get caught in the mesh or a tight space. The same holds when you quickly drop the winch handle in after using it. The Winch Handle Holders look good, so naturally, now I have to buy new Quick Lock Winch Handles. 

Winch Handle Pocket, Grey PVC/Mesh, Single ($39.46) BUY NOW

Every boat needs a suitable drink holder, and Ronstan may have finally solved my eternal quest for a spot to put my drink while tacking up the main channel in Marina Del Rey, California. The Ronstan Drink Holder is made of the same sturdy material found in the rope bags and winch handle holder. It is solid and will not collapse under the stress of a tall boy or a bottle of Barolo. A typical-sized can fits well and will not fall out even while healing under heavy winds. A typical bottle sits down deep enough that you will not be concerned about it falling out. I will say that a bottle of Champagne goes in well but is hard to pull out. Frankly, if you have a bottle of Champagne, you are probably already at the dock so there is no need to utilize the drink holder. You’ll need at least two but most likely four drink holders.

Drink Holder, Grey PVC/Mesh ($22.17) BUY NOW

Features of the Ronstan Bags

  • Hook-and-loop fastening using improved 3M self-adhesive
  • Screw-on option for rope bags (screws not provided)
  • Mesh panels for drainage & ventilation
  • Fiberglass entry edge rods for easy opening (rope bags)
  • UV fade & mildew resistant

Product Review: Ronstan Rope Bag, Winch Handle Pocket & Drink Holders

If you are keen on organization and tidiness in your cockpit, you will be incredibly pleased by this product. A few bonuses that make these boating accessories a great addition to your boat are the added space for quick storage. The cup holders serve as an ideal spot for your cell phone, sunglasses, and sunscreen. In addition, the rope bag can hold a light sweater, your handheld radio, or binoculars. These are multi-function bags that are durable and easy to use.