Learning To Sail Is Just The Beginning

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It’s Just the Beginning

Do you remember the first time you were on a sailboat? What captured your interest –  was it the wind in the sails, the sound of the water or the feeling of the tiller in your hand?  

What captured your imagination?  The idea of daysails with your friends, visiting faraway shores or escaping your life and seeing the world from your sailboat?

Sailing means different things to different people. At American Sailing we understand that learning to sail is just the beginning of a relationship with a lifestyle that is infectious. Where will sailing take you? We have a few ideas but how you view sailing is the most important. 

Learn Something New

As you complete ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing you feel like you can take on the world. You are a certified sailor! At this point, you can go out and feel confident sailing a sloop-rigged keelboat. ASA 101 is the entryway into the lifestyle. 

How do you get started with ASA 101?

You can also try the Sailing Challenge App to introduce you to sailing from the comfort of your couch. Download the app and start working on your sailing skills. 

Day Sail with Your Family

Find your local school or sailing club and go sailing. You have learned to sail so hoist the main and set a course.  Use our Find a School page and you’ll be able to find options near you to help you get out on the water. 

You Don’t Have to Own a Boat to Go Sailing.

The GoSailing app allows you to join as crew on boats with other sailors. Download the app and find other sailors who want company on their day sails and sailing excursions. Explore the possibility of joining a sailing club in your area. Some ASA sailing schools also have sailing clubs where their students are allowed to utilize their fleet of boats after gaining certification. Use our Find a School page to help you find a sailing club in your local area.

Sailing Vacations

If you are a sailor you will soon be inspired to visit some exotic destination and experience it from the deck of a sailboat. It’s inevitable. The feeling of being at anchor in a quiet anchorage while counting the stars will leave a long-lasting impression on your sailing psyche. The options are plentiful when talking about sailing charters from crewed charters to bareboat charters to luxury charters.

Watch our webinar on Bareboat Chartering

ASA Flotillas

ASA schools organize flotillas around the world to help you get out and enjoy the charter experience while being around a larger group. This sense of camaraderie with other sailors also helps ease the anxiety of being out alone for the first time. 

Crewed Charters

American Sailing offers sailing vacations aboard luxury yachts! Join us in Croatia and in New England. Take a look at AmericanSailingVacations.com for dates and availability.

American Sailing has partnered with the Manhattan Yacht Club to offer crewed charters aboard S/V Arabella. This mega sailing yacht flashes her brilliant sails as she cruises through the waters of New York City, New England, and the British Virgin Islands. ASA members, family, and friends have enjoyed cruises that are a taste of the good life while sailing a 157-foot sailing yacht.

Charter company partners offer discounts to ASA members and some sailing schools have charter services.

Plastic pollution

Environmental Awareness

Sailing makes you acutely aware of the marine environment. As sailors, we embrace the responsibility to be stewards of the sea. An ASA sailing education also includes an emphasis on Ecology and environmental awareness. 

A great way to spread the word about the need of being aware of our ocean ecosystem includes discussing the harmful effects of plastic pollution on the marine environment and how to remove the plastic from the water.  You could help others identify the most harmful and unrecyclable types of plastic used on boats and describe reusable alternatives. You could also help others understand wildlife and habitat considerations in your area and how the use of personal hygiene and body products can be toxic to the marine environment, suggest and alternatives.

Expand Your Education

As you continue to sail you will want to build on the knowledge you have gained. ASA courses take you from the basics to the advanced.  Eventually, ASA 101 will turn to ASA103, and before you know it you’ll be doing an offshore passage-making course (ASA 108). Learning to sail is really just the beginning of your adventure. Take a look at all of the ASA certifications and set your next goal or milestone. 

Become an Instructor

Will sailing lead you to teach others how to sail? If you are like most sailors, you have already imparted your knowledge to others while out on the water. Maybe sailing will lead you to your next vocation. What is your next step? Take a look at becoming an instructor