Replacement Logbooks Are Now Easily Available

By: American Sailing

It has always been possible to obtain a replacement ASA Logbook, but it is now much easier. Have you lost your Logbook? Or is it old, tattered, and stained with sea spray? Maybe it’s still in good shape but have you used up all the Sailing Log pages in the back, filled in with all of your day sails, coastal cruises, and offshore voyages? All American Sailing students or Instructors can now order a new Logbook online with all of the latest ASA Certifications, Endorsements, and Online Achievements. The latest Logbook also has new sections that include Marine Ecology and Conservation Guidelines, and an overview of all the Safety Education Elements in the ASA Curriculum re-assembled in one place for easy reference. Get your new Logbook through your ASA online portal here:  

Replacement Logbook

Cost : $29.99

The Certification Department at American Sailing Headquarters will then research all your completed classes or clinics, affix new ASA Seals, and have an ASA Master Instructor sign each Seal Box. Now, just to be clear, your new Logbook will be the latest available edition with ASA Seals of the latest design. It won’t be an exact duplicate of your old 1992 Logbook with Seals that have “ASA” in block letters when our Headquarters was located on Marquesas Way in Marina del Rey! The replacement edition of your Logbook will have updates and new sections that include:

  • New ASA 116/216 Dinghy and Outboard Endorsement
  • New Supplemental Education Online Achievement Seal boxes
  • More than twice as many (110% more) Sailing Log pages
  • Class and clinic prerequisites more clearly specified
  • ASA Ecological Conservation Guidelines
  • ASA Safety Education Overview
  • ASA Instructor Evaluators updated to Master Instructors
  • ASA QR Code Box on the last page for ASA Membership

The American Sailing Logbook is the heart of the ASA Educational System. Sailing Knowledge and Sailing Skills Elements for each Standard are meticulously listed to provide you with performance objectives for your first class or clinic and future levels of ASA Certification or Endorsement with all required prerequisites. Use the Sailing Log pages at the back of the book to record details of your sailing excursions. Treat it as a passport containing levels of sailing education and sailing skill proficiencies recognized worldwide. Ultimately, it is also something of a sailing journal that marks your progress through the sport of sailing, with family and friends of all ages, in an aspect of your life that offers new adventures, multi-disciplinary challenges, living broadly in the natural world, and fun.