Need A Practice Quiz For ASA 101?

By: Learn To Sail

How Will You Study For Your ASA Sailing Exam?

How do you study for a test? Do you read the material over and over? Do you utilize flashcards? Maybe you glance over your notes?  I spent my college years studying in the local pub and I somehow managed to finish school in a field that I never fully utilized.  Was my technique the right way? Can you ever go wrong studying GeoChemisty with a pint in your hand?

How will you study for your ASA 101 sailing exam?

ASA has just created study quizzes that will help you sharpen your knowledge for the ASA 101, 103, and 104 sailing exams.  Ease your anxiety and use these quizzes to walk into your ASA sailing exam with confidence.

The practice exams cover skills from ASA 101, ASA 103, and ASA 104 in over 100 questions created and designed by ASA sailing instructors who wrote the ASA Sailing textbooks. Stop worrying about passing your ASA sailing exam and start planning your day sails!

Answers and Explanations

Each practice exam comes complete with a study guide that explains each question and gives you the correct answers. The guide serves as a practice and study tool in one document that can be utilized as a part of your ASA sailing test review.

The ASA Practice Test Topics

Basic Sailing Terminology Quiz

Many students learn hundreds of new terms before even stepping on a boat for the first time. This test will test your knowledge of common sailing terms.

Navigation / Aids to Navigation Quiz

This quiz will test your knowledge and provide you with problems to help you study navigation and ATONs.

Intermediate Sail Trim Quiz

This practice test will quiz you on various sail trim problems and the relationship between your sails and the wind.  

Marine Weather Quiz

This practice marine weather quiz will test your knowledge of weather and how it impacts your sailboat performance and safety.

Safety Gear and Procedures Quiz

This practice exam will quiz your knowledge of safety procedures in a boat emergency.

Anchoring & Mooring Quiz

This practice anchoring and mooring exam will test your basic principles of anchoring and mooring.

Rules Lights Sounds Quiz

This practice test will quiz your knowledge of right of way rules and the rules of the road” on a boat that work to keep you safe.

Cruising Boat Systems Quiz

This practice exam tests your knowledge of systems common to the safe operation of most sailboats.

The Cost of an ASA Practice Sailing Exam 

$5 per practice exam or $35 for the entire bundle.