Member Event: American Sailing Croatia Charter

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American Sailing is sponsoring member events to promote the sailing lifestyle amongst its members. You can sign on to a charter to different destinations throughout the year to get you out on the water with other like-minded sailors. An American Sailing Ambassador is on board and the details are all taken care of by ASA. Join us? Take a look at American Sailing Vacations for more details

The sails were up and the wind was light.  We were a 100-foot wind vane in the Adriatic Sea.  The passengers sipped on cocktails and Croatian white wine.  Every person on the deck appeared to have a camera and a smile. The energy aboard Cataleya was one of childish exuberance.  Every single sailor aboard at that moment was giddy.

We were in Croatia.

We were sailing.

We all had new friends who loved the water, loved to laugh, and loved to sail.

The American Sailing Croatian Charter began in Split, Croatia, on a day when the town celebrated the Feast of St. Domnius.  The streets were crowded with vendors, and the marina was chock full of vessels celebrating the religious holiday.  If there is a better way to be introduced to the culture of this country, I do not know of it.  

Our group of 17 sailors hopped aboard for a welcome cocktail and a dinner of locally caught fish.   8 days later we stepped off the boat as a family.  

One week of sailing together, and we are lifelong friends.

American Sailing Member events are designed for fun. This trip to Croatia was no different.

Sailing Croatia with American Sailing

This trip is perfect for the sailor that wants to explore the country with a guide before deciding on a bareboat charter. The captain and crew are local and they know all of the secrets. If you have thought about Croatia but have been hesitant to visit this is the trip for you. Cataleya is a motor sailor so unless the conditions are ideal she doesn’t perform like most of us would like. After all, we are all sailors so we want the sails up and the boat gliding through the water. 

Why You Would Book Cataleya: Explore Croatia as a potential reconnaissance trip for a future bareboat charter.

Why You Would Not Book Cataleya: You want more sailing, less sightseeing.

What’s Included: Breakfast and lunch daily and 2 dinners.

Cataleya, 98ft.  8 Cabins, 16 Guests, 5 Crew

Take a look at some of the highlights from the American Sailing Croatia charter aboard Cataleya.

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Split, Croatia

Split Croatia

The trip begins in Split, Croatia. This photo, taken from the top of the bell tower gives you a view of the harbor and the historic town. Walk th narrow pedestrian-only streets and find hidden treasures in th reform of cafes, restaurants, and shops. The Palace has been preserved, and the architecture is stunning.

Diocletian’s Palace

Take a walking tour of Diocletian’s Palace and step inside Saint Domnius Cathedral. The Cathedral is said to be the oldest Catholic Cathedral in use in its original form and dates back to the 3rd Century.

Narrow passageways of Split, Croatia

Korcula, Croatia


Old Town Korcula is encapsulated with history and culture. Museums and restaurants can be found within the walls of this ancient town.

Korcula, Croatia


The group had dinner together in the hills above Korcula at a Konobo Maha. After a taxi ride into the hills we were rewarded with a traditional Croatian dish of Peka. Octopus, lamb and veal is cooked under large steel bells. 4 hours of heat combine the protein with red wine, potatoes, and herbs into an unforgettable combination of flavors that pair quite well with the local wines.


Spanish Fortress at Hvar

A large group walked up to the fortress while the rest of us sampled the wine and took in the great people-watching in Hvar.

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Jelsa, Croatia

Late afternoon in Jelsa

The picturesque ports were endless. The outdoor cafes are plentiful. The sailing was ideal. The trip was unforgettable.