What is a Flying Bowline?

By: Sailing Tips

A flying bowline is a type of knot that is commonly used in sailing. It is a variation of the bowline knot, which is a strong and reliable knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope. Other variations of a bowline are known as a bowline on a bight, a double bowline, or a Yosemite bowline. While similar, each has some variations from the common sailor’s knot.

The flying bowline differs from the regular bowline in that it has an additional loop that can be used to attach the knot to an object. The loop can be adjusted in size, allowing the knot to be quickly and easily attached and detached from a fixed point.

The flying bowline is particularly useful when the knot needs to be secured to a fixed point quickly and easily, such as when securing a sail.  However, it is important to note that the flying bowline is not recommended for critical applications where a more secure knot should be used.

The video below demonstrates a variation of the Flying Bowline.

The term “flying” is often used to describe knots that can be tied quickly and easily, making them useful in situations where speed and efficiency are important. 

Get group of sailors together and they will each have variations on the common bowline. Take a look at our “Knots Made Easy” segment on a bowline knot.