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Horizon Sailing School in the British Virgin Islands is located in Nanny Cay on the south shore of Tortola with a window to the cruising grounds of the BVI.  They offer ASA courses as well as charter services with a fleet of sailing yachts for everything from ASA 101 to ASA 114. Horizon Sailing School is a destination for the definitive learn to sail vacation.

This Month’s Featured School is Horizon Sailing School

Get to Know Horizon Sailing School as they tell you all about their school

Where They Sail 

We sail out of Nanny Cay Marina, Tortola, British Virgin Islands. I think the BVI is probably the best place to sail in the world. We can sail every month of the year, the weather is sunny nearly all the time, the prevailing easterly winds blow consistently and there is negligible tidal range which removes a difficulty factor for students learning! There is an endless list of places to see here. With over 50 islands, there is something for everyone whether it be a white sand beach, a party boat, fantastic dining experiences, watersports, snorkeling or just a secluded bay away from it all.

What They Teach 

We teach ASA 101, 103, 104, 114 and 118. We run the majority of our courses as Learn to Sail vacations. Guests charter the yacht of their choice from the Horizon Yacht Charters fleet and then they add an instructor for the duration of their trip. This gives students complete flexibility on their dates, they can also bring along friends and family who aren’t completing the course and they get to enjoy the best of the BVI alongside gaining their ASA certifications.

Meet Their Instructors

We have 3 ASA instructors at Horizon Sailing School. All our instructors are RYA Yachtmaster captains who then became ASA instructors and despite our average age being about 25, we have a lot of sailing years between us! 

Captain Cara is originally from the UK but grew up in Italy and has been coming sailing in the BVI for the last 22 years so she’s pretty knowledgeable of the area! Captain Dom, is also from the UK, is an RYA Yachtmaster Ocean and has a huge amount of sea time having worked his way up to first officer positions on Superyachts in the Med before moving to the BVI. Captain Orlagh, is from Ireland and she’s been working on boats in the Med for the last 3 years but the BVI is her favorite sailing destination so she’s excited to be back working with us. 

All our instructors are passionate about getting more confident and competent students out on the water to be able to enjoy sailing!

Their Program 

Our most popular course is our unique “Zero to Hero” which allow someone who has never sailed before to become ASA 104 certified in 8 days or up to ASA 114 certified in 10 days. For students interested in catamarans and monohulls, their course is split with 5 days on a monohull and then 5 days on cat. We are also running our first per-cabin learn to sail week in May this year to allow people to come and learn with us without renting a yacht to themselves. In the future, we’re hoping to run more sailing weeks to allow more people to come and enjoy the BVI.

Why Choose Horizon Sailing School

I think there are a few things that make Horizon Sailing School stand out from the rest. First, we have access to one of the best-maintained charter fleets in the Caribbean with Horizon Yacht Charters. Our students can learn on monohulls from 34 -54ft and catamarans from 40-50ft. Horizon consistently gets top reviews for their service and yachts so it’s fantastic to be able to give our students that same experience. Second, our sailing location is just unbeatable and especially with being able to start and end your charter from Nanny Cay Marina which features a pool, beach, beach bar, hotel, restaurants and boutiques. The vibe in the BVI is pretty laidback and your instructor will make sure everything goes smoothly so all you have to do is get into vacation mode and enjoy your trip!

Horizon Sailing Schoolhorizonyachtcharters.com(877) 877-1888Nanny Cay MarinaTortola, BVIBritish Virgin IslandsVG1110Caribbean
Courses Offered:
101, 103, 104, 114, 118