Sailing with La Vagabonde

Learning to Sail with Vagabonde Adventures: Embark on a Bahamas Adventure

By: American Sailing

Embark on an unforgettable Bahamas adventure with American Sailing School Vagabonde Adventures, in the sun-kissed Abaco Islands. These islands are famed for their crystalline waters, captivating reef systems, and world-class fishing – a paradise for adventurous souls seeking a sailing vacation. As you set sail, you’ll be greeted by azure seas and breathtaking landscapes that define the Abacos. This idyllic backdrop perfectly complements Vagabonde Adventures’ mission to offer both serenity and excitement, inviting you to master the art of sailing against the backdrop of remote bays and historic small towns. Vagabonde Adventures invites you to explore the world of sailing in the heart of the Bahamas.

Sailing Education at its Finest: What Vagabonde Adventures Teaches

Vagabonde Adventures welcomes all students from novice sailors to seasoned seafarers seeking advanced skills. The American Sailing (ASA) courses offered cover a spectrum of learning from ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing to ASA 104 Bareboat Cruising. For experienced sailors aiming to elevate their skills, Vagabonde Adventures provides ASA courses that delve deeper into the art of sailing such as ASA 105 Coastal Navigation and ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising. Catamaran Sailors can earn their ASA 114 Cruising Catamaran Certification as well.

One of the defining features of Vagabonde Adventures is its emphasis on performance sailing. The school takes pleasure in demonstrating how to sail with greater efficiency and finesse. Guided by a team of dynamic and youthful instructors, learning to sail becomes an exciting and supportive endeavor. The inclusivity of Vagabonde Adventures is evident in its forthcoming all-female classes, creating a diverse and enriching learning environment.

Meet the Mariners: Vagabonde Adventures’ Instructors

Vagabonde Adventures boasts a team of exceptional instructors, each with a unique background and a shared passion for sailing.

Jack Karger, hailing from Australia, has been instructing in many different parts of the world and loves to share his passion for sailing. He believes sailing is a skill that anybody can learn with a bit of practice. With a friendly and outgoing attitude, he loves to inspire people to chase their dreams of sailing, whether it’s weeknight races or circumnavigating with the family.

Jack Karger
Jack Karger, La Vagabonde

Antonieta (Eta) Covo, grew up on the water in the beautiful coastal Croatian city of Split. Sailing from a young age, she eventually started working as a charter skipper at just 19. Now with ocean crossings and performance yacht experience she loves to teach people the joy of sailing. 

Eta Covo, La Vagabonde
Eta Covo, La Vagabonde

Hugo Picard is a true sailing Frenchman. He and Jack have been mates for years, and with his vast experience from his own small monohull to managing charter boat fleets and many miles onboard performance yachts, he was an excellent recruit for Vagabonde Adventures. Hugo has a fantastic personality and is a great instructor, with many great stories of adventures at sea.

Hugo Picard, La Vagabonde
Hugo Picard, La Vagabonde

Charting Your Sailing Voyage: Vagabonde Adventures’ Programs

Vagabonde Adventures offers immersive week-long live-aboard sailing classes so you can learn to sail in the Bahamas on both monohulls and catamarans. The vessels, typically ranging from 40 to 50 feet, mirror the boats that individuals aspire to charter or own for worldwide exploration. This hands-on approach provides a realistic and empowering learning experience, enabling participants to navigate the open waters confidently. The crown jewel of their fleet is ‘La Vagabonde’ a 48ft performance catamaran built by Outremer and made famous by “Sailing La Vagabonde” on YouTube.

Setting Sail: The Birth of Vagabonde Adventures

The roots of Vagabonde Adventures trace back to Jack, the founder, who found his inspiration through his cousin Riley of the renowned YouTube channel ‘Sailing La Vagabonde.’ After ‘Sailing La Vagabonde’ inspired countless individuals to embrace sailing, Jack was moved to embark on a professional journey. Starting as a charter captain, he evolved into an instructor and formed Vagabonde Adventures. The school’s focus remains on imparting world-class training to those who share the dream of sailing, nurturing a sense of confidence and camaraderie on the water.

Adventures with La Vagabonde
Adventures with the La Vagabonde crew.